Valorant Character Tier List & Mini Guide

Chamber is set to enter Valorant soon as a new agent, and it’s going to shake up the Valorant character guide outlined below. Therefore, we’re going to cover the many agents available in our loosely ranked list.


What Are Valorant Agents?

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Before you go off and purchase a Valorant Gift Card, you need to know all about agents. Agents are your power players, and they’re the characters that you get to play in Valorant. There are four types of agents available:

  1. Duelists. A duelist is a self-sufficient agent that offers aggression and has the biggest impact on games. As a duelist, you’re meant to be a fragger and can be clutch in each round.
  2. Controllers. When you control the territory, you can win games. A controller can be offensive or defensive, and they master flashes, stuns and slows to help set their team up for success.
  3. Initiators. An initiator will set their team-up. Flashes and stuns help teams go on the offensive. Defenders can quickly be dispersed with the right initiator.
  4. Sentinels. If you want to be a defensive expert, play as a sentinel. These agents are crucial to every team’s success and will be responsible for helping groups control the area.


Each agent has their own two abilities, namely their:

  • Ultimate
  • Signature


Additionally, there are two other abilities that you can purchase.

You can also use your Valorant Gift Card to purchase game abilities for the agents you love playing. We recommend that you go through our list of agents below and find ones that you would like to play as.

But keep in mind that everyone has their own playstyle.

You may love some of the top-tier agents that we listed below, but you might be better suited to playing one of the bottom-tier agents. Find an agent that you enjoy playing or a type of agent and work off of that.

However, the list we have below outlines the top-tier characters that we recommend.


Valorant Character Guide: Top 16 Agents Tier List

1. Jett

Agent Type: Duelist


  • Cloudburst: Obscures vision with a smoke grenade.
  • Updraft: Throws Jett upwards.
  • Tailwind: Dashes in either direction.
  • Blade Storm: Throw numerous knives in multiple directions.


Why Jett has this ranking:

Jett is a reliable character that offers massive bursts and has a lot of mobility. Blade Storm is a game-changer that replenishes when you kill others with daggers, and she can reach windows, ledges and even throw herself on boxes to outwit enemies. If you master Jett, you’ll be playing as one of the most versatile duelists in the game.


2. Sage

Agent Type: Sentinel


  • Slow Orb: Slows enemies that pass through it.
  • Barrier Orb: Creates a massive wall.
  • Healing Orb: A heal over time.
  • Resurrection: Revive characters to full health.


Why Sage has this ranking:

Sage is a medic or healer, so she’s one of the agents that everyone wants on the field. If allies are down, she can revive them and also disrupt enemies. You’ll need to be patient when playing her, and she can control enemies with slow and barrier orbs.


However, she’s a character that will remain hidden for most of the match while she makes tactical decisions to shape the pace of the game.


3. Viper

Agent Type: Controller


  • Snakebite: Create a pool of acid with a projectile.
  • Poison Cloud: A gas bomb that allows you to retrieve and throw it again.
  • Toxic Screen: Create a toxic gas wall.
  • Viper’s Pit: Blanket an area with poison clouds.


Why Viper has this ranking:

Viper is a master of fuel and poison, and the most challenging part of playing her is learning how to manage your fuel. Ideally, you’ll have spike activated often so that she can use her shield to plant her bombs and control the game.


4. Sova

Agent Type: Initiator


  • Shock Bolt: A bolt that uses static energy to damage others.
  • Owl Drone: Scout the map and reveal enemies using your drone.
  • Recon Bolt: A sonar bolt that reveals enemies.
  • Hunter’s Fury: Rapidly shoot three energy blasts that can go the length of the map and even through walls.


Why Sova has this ranking:

If you’re scouting out this Valorant character guide for someone that is a master of bows and arrows, Sova is the right choice. He’ll help you track enemies and make strategizing easier.


5. Kay/O

Agent Type: Initiator


  • FRAG/ment: A multiple explosion fragment with a lethal centre of attack.
  • FLASH/drive: Blind enemies with an exploding flash grenade.
  • ZERO/point: A blade attack that sticks into a surface and suppresses enemies in its radius.
  • NULL/CMD: Create large pulses of energy to suppress enemies.


Why Kay/O has this ranking:

Kay/O brings control and damage to the field. As a robot, this character is loads of fun to play and offers extreme suppression.


6. Skye

Agent Type: Initiator


  • Regrowth: Use line of sight to heal allies in range.
  • Trailblazer: Control a predator, leap forward and damage your enemies.
  • Guiding Light: Guide a raptor with your crosshair and flash to confirm enemies are in the line of sight and range.
  • Seekers: Fire three seekers that near sights enemies if it hits them and will track to the three nearest enemies.


Why Skye has this ranking:

Skye is heavily reliant on your team to use the data she provides. She has been buffed in recent patches, making her much stronger than she was in the past.


7. Killjoy

Agent Type: Sentinel


  • Alarmbot: Hunt down enemies from afar with a covert alarm that explodes when enemies are nearby.
  • Nanoswarm: A grenade that deploys nanobot swarms when detonated.
  • Turret: Create a 180-degree turret that can be recalled and damages in a cone.
  • Lockdown: Detain enemies stuck in the device’s radius.


Why Killjoy has this ranking:

Killjoy was a top-tier agent, but not a must-have or good enough reason to use your Valorant Gift Card. However, she’s a great agent that will put pressure on other teams.


8. Omen

Agent Type: Controller


  • Paranoia: Throw a shadow clone that blinds anyone it inflicts.
  • Shadow Walk: Teleport for a short distance.
  • Dark Cover: A stealth orb that obscures a destination once it is reached.
  • From the Shadows: Teleport anywhere on the map.


Why Omen has this ranking:

Omen allows you to play mind games with other players, striking at will and blinding enemies along the way. When Omen is played by a skilled player, the complete game changes, as this agent has one surprise after another waiting for foes.


9. Reyna

Agent Type: Duelist


  • Leer: Throw an eye ahead of Reyna that will near sight any enemies that look at it.
  • Devour: Consume souls to gain health.
  • Soul Harvest: Every time an enemy is killed, they’ll leave a soul behind for three seconds.
  • Dismiss: Become intangible by consuming a soul.


Why Reyna has this ranking:

Reyna is good at avoiding damage and can also turn invisible, which makes her a lethal foe. She relies on souls to heal, but she has abilities that give her team an advantage. If you like an aggressive playstyle, Reyna is one of the agents you’ll want to play as.


10. Phoenix

Agent Type: Duelist


  • Blaze: Block vision and damage enemies by creating a wall of fire.
  • Curveball: Hurl a flashbang around corners to blind enemies.
  • Hot Hands: Cover a small area with a fireball of flames and heal yourself if you stand in it.
  • Run it back: Respawn in a targeted area if you die within a short period of time.


Why Phoenix has this ranking:

Phoenix is one of the most fun agents to play, and the ability to curve through Blaze makes you an integral part of any team. If you’re a player that prefers to be aggressive, Phoenix will allow you to run into combat and put intense pressure on other players.


11. Raze

Agent Type: Duelist


  • Blast Pack: A sticky bomb that attaches to surfaces and detonates when near.
  • Boom Bot: A bot that locks on to enemies, chases them and explodes to deal heavy damage.
  • Paint Shells: Cluster grenade that has sub-munitions and deals significant damage.
  • Showstopper: Rocket launcher that does serious damage to anyone in its radius.


Why Raze has this ranking:

Raze does intense damage, but she’s a character that requires you to know the maps and be able to anticipate the movements of your enemies. So, if you like demolition and want to punish your enemies, Raze is the agent that you’ll want to play.


Speaking of maps, learn why Valorant’s new map is a game-changer, perhaps it could help you in your battles.


12. Breach

Agent Type: Initiator


  • Aftershock: Discharge a powerful explosive that goes through walls and damages anyone in its vicinity.
  • Flashpoint: Flash enemies on the opposite side of a wall.
  • Fault Line: Concussive quake that disorients enemies and also goes through walls.
  • Rolling Thunder: Seismic charge that knocks enemies upward, dazes them and also goes through walls.


Why Breach has this ranking:

Breach is a great agent that can disorient and daze opponents. However, he is very dependent on his team to make the right choices and help him clear maps.


13. Cypher

Agent Type: Sentinel


  • Trapwire: Place the wire between two walls and restrain those that pass through.
  • Cyber Cage: A trap that slows enemies that walk through it.
  • Spycam: Manually operate a spycam that fires tracking darts at your foes.
  • Neural Theft: Reveal enemy locations by stealing information from dead enemies.


Why Cypher has this ranking:

Cypher lures enemies into traps and is a master of spies. Cypher is a neat agent to play if you want to keep your distance and have the right team makeup.


14. Astra

Agent Type: Controller


  • Gravity Well: Pull enemies into the gravity well before exploding and causing damage. Enemies are also made vulnerable.
  • Nova Pulse: Strike an opponent in an area and concuss them, too.
  • Nebula: Create a smokey Nebula that obscures vision.
  • Astral Form / Cosmic Divide: Go into Astral Form to place your other abilities and activate them later. During Cosmic Divide, you can select two locations and connect the points to block bullets and footsteps.


Why Astra has this ranking:

Astra has changed Valorant for the better, but she’s an agent that demands an experienced player to properly leverage her abilities. She can help your entire team move in stealth and hide to create the perfect trap with ease.


15. Brimstone

Agent Type: Controller


  • Incendiary: Deploys a grenade that will blanket an area in flames.
  • Stim Beacon: Improve agents’ fire speed near the beacon.
  • Sky Smoke: Block enemy vision by calling in smokescreens.
  • Orbital Strike: A deadly strike that hits a targeted area several times.


Why Brimstone has this ranking:

Brimstone is a good agent that relies on his signature move a little too much. Due to stim beacon, if he’s played properly, he’ll prove to be an asset for any team that he joins.


16. Yoru

Agent Type: Duelist


  • Fakeout: Fakeout your enemies with fake footsteps for them to follow.
  • Blindside: A bouncing, flash grenade that you can fire to cause damage.
  • Gatecrash: Teleport to a location using a marker that goes directly in front of you.
  • Dimensional Drift: See between dimensions to learn of their movements and strategies.


Why Yoru has this ranking:

Yoru is an agent that we want to love, and he has great stealth abilities that allow him to traverse maps unseen. However, he lacks some of the damage that other duelists on the list has to offer.


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You can also go on Twitch or YouTube if you want to start learning more about Valorant and what the game has to offer. In addition, our Valorant character guide offers excellent insight into the characters available and what they have to offer you.

But if you want to see them in action, Twitch and YouTube are two of the best options. You’ll also learn a lot of tips along the way.

However, one of the best tips that top players repeat time and time again is that you need to play an agent often to master them. If you practice with any agent enough, they can completely change the outcome of any map.