Valorant’s Episode 4 patch adds Neon to the game and nerfs the Spectre

Valorant’s newest update is finally here and it’s brought with it weapon nerfs, map changes, and a whole new character. Valorant Episode 4 Act 1 is titled Disruption, and it includes more changes than any patch in the last several months, including the addition of Neon, the game’s newest Agent.

While Neon is the biggest new change in this patch, it also updates a couple of maps with some new areas. Bind’s major change was a smaller box in the hallway toward short A. Meanwhile, both of Breeze’s bomb sites got reworked to include more cover, which should make for a huge improvement on the map for both the defensive and offensive sides, making for a smoother map overall.

The patch also includes several gun changes that should shake up the meta. The Spectre, the sub-machine gun that has been a terror recently, got several nerfs, particularly to its effectiveness at long-range. On the other hand, the Bulldog, Guardian, and Ares all received buffs, with the Ares possibly becoming one of the game’s best guns for its price.

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