Valorant’s newest Agent Astra is now available!

Valorant newest Agent Astra is now available! Riot Games revealed Astra’s ability kit, and it’s full of cosmic powers, as well as a few familiar effects.

Astra’s kit mostly revolves around placing Stars around the map. Stars are small throwable projectiles, which Astra can use to create different effects. To place a Star, Astra has to shift into her Astral Form, with which she can place them anywhere on the map.

Once a Star is down, Astra can activate it with her other abilities to give it certain effects. One effect makes a concussive blast in a small area around the star, leaving enemies dazed after it explodes. Another creates a small smoke cloud, sort of like a remote-activated smoke grenade. Another of her abilities, Gravity Well, briefly pulls in nearby players before exploding and giving them a debuff that causes them to take more damage.


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