Vindictus: New Raid – Royal Castle Topaz Hall

The alliance has uncovered the cruel truth behind what is happening in the kingdom. Though you wish you could open the people’s eyes to the truth in a peaceful manner, they are far too taken by the dark machinations of your enemies for you to succeed.

You have now choice but to raise your sword against Taratha City—to forcibly uphold justice by overthrowing the kingdom.

The enemy you must now face at the capital is Romel, the former captain of the royal guards. He is a legendary knight whose belief in the true king and the goddess who acknowledged him is without compare.

It is not a mindless, evil fool who awaits you now, but a man of great virtue and even greater strength.


Hurry! Challenge New Raid: Royal Castle Topaz Hall now!



Karma Koin




Multi Game Card (Global)



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