War Rock PH – OffGamers’ 14th Anniversary Top Up Ranking Promotion

Promotion ends on 11th July 2018 at 1159hr (GMT+8)​.

Here are the lucky winners list for War Rock PH – OffGamers’ 14th Anniversary Top Up Ranking Promotion!

Congratulations to the Top 10 Winners!


To celebrate OffGamers’ 14th Anniversary, War Rock PH is now holding a Top Up Ranking Promotion. The top 10 rank on the list will receive one set of WAR ROCK (PH) Coupon which contains of 10 item codes: 5 Weapons and 5 Tactical Gears.

Hurry, Promotion ends on 11th July 2018 at 1159hr (GMT+8)​. Buy War Rock WR Cash (PH) as many as you wish to enter the Ranking today!


War Rock
WR Cash (PH)





DSR-1 [Tactical] [Hex] (30 Day Duration)

FAMAS G2 [Tactical] (30 Day Duration)

QLB [Royal Purple] (30 Day Duration)

TommyGun Chrome (30 Day Duration)

Veresk Russian (30 Day Duration)



Armor Necklace (15 Day Duration)
After 100 mad men kills, you are granted a 10% buff on your armor. This, however, disappears if you die or when the match ends. (This works only in PvE Mode)

Combat Suspender (15 Day Duration)
Grants +5% weight reduction when using slot 3/5 weapons allowing you to move faster.

Revenge Earring (15 Day Duration)
Performing a revenge kill will instantly recovery your HP by 15.

Smart Sensor (15 Day Duration)
Aiming at enemy vehicles will display its HP.

Smile Badge (15 Day Duration)
Using emotes instantly regenerates 30% of your SP.


[How to claim item via coupon]

Step 1 – Player should login to WarRock PH using his FragmaticGames Account.

Step 2 – When inside the Game Lobby, the player Clicks the Item Shop.

Step 3 – While in the Item Shop, Click the COUPON Button (Indicated by the Red Highlight).

Step 4 – Player enters the Coupon Code (16 Characters).

Step 5 – A Confirmation window will appear once the coupon code has been entered.


Purchase WAR ROCK WR CASH (PH) and check out with PayPal:

For every 14th customer with a minimum purchase of $100.00 and checks-out with PayPal will win OffGamers Gift Card $20. Limited to 10 winners daily.

Campaign will be 7 days per week with the following purchase starting from
​​WEEK 1 – June 21 (1200hr GMT+8) till June 27 (1159hr, GMT+8)
WEEK 2 – June 28 (1200hr GMT+8) till July 4 (1159hr, GMT+8) and
WEEK 3 – July 5 (1200hr GMT+8) till July 11, 2018 (1159hr, GMT+8) will stand a chance to be our lucky 14th winners.


For more information, please visit:
War Rock PH Official Site.

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