Watch Codemasters’ Onrush Racing Game Trailer For PlayStation 4

ONRUSH initially debuted during Sony’s Pairs Games Week 2017 list of titles, and now Codemasters have released a teaser footage of the upcoming game.

In a game such as Need for Speed, normally players are tasked to reach the finish line and driving between two points or completing a specific number of laps ahead of your opponents. Onrush does things a little different though. Instead, you are fighting for points in a range of outlandish modes centered around a chaotic swarm of drivers. Outrageous crashes happen every second alongside absurd speed boosts and a death-defying medley of jumps, flips and barrel rolls.

When the game launches, Codemasters has stated there are also a PlayStation 4 deluxe edition, which comprises eight exclusive vehicle designs, a deluxe crashtag, two unique tombstones, a special vortex buggy and eight console exclusive designs.

ONRUSH is set to launch on June 5, 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.