We Attended AniManGaki 2022. Here Are Our Feelings.


Banner Animangaki

After 2 years of tireless waiting, AniManGaki has finally returned and graced local ACG fans this 27th and 28th of August. We at OffGamers were very fortunate to be given the opportunity to experience one of Malaysia’s most prestigious anime conventions as an official media partner. 

The event took place in the MINES International Exhibition and Convention Centre, which was comparably larger than other anime conventions in Malaysia. The event was held on two floors with different events and activities.

The lower level featured artists, cosplayers and exhibitors while the upper levels offer workshops, panel talks and competitions.

From the outside, the convention definitely had everything catered for different types of ACG fans. Be it Gundam, cosplays or Vtubers—AniManGaki had them all. 

The queue from both the ticket counter and entranceway was quite long. This is expected as local anime fans were all naturally excited for these events to return. We also want to give a shoutout to the staff that handled the crowd professionally. Even with such a crowd, they managed to ensure that the entire process was smoothly operated.

Here’s a fun fact, this year’s AMG also recorded the highest number of visitors, which amounts to over 35,000. It’s amazing how large the local ACG community has grown over the past few years. 

Going in, what was bestowed upon us was the sight of different anime-themed decorations and booths selling different merchandise. It truly showcases a celebration of the local ACG culture.

Throughout the event, different kinds of activities and performances could be seen happening both on and off stage. Cosplayers could also be seen roaming around the event hall waiting to take pictures with fellow fans. 

On the upper floors, workshops such as brush lettering and shogi were held. There were also panel talks from popular artists and YouTubers such as Shirahama Kamome and Emirichu. It’s actually amusing that AniManGaki had not only focused on people who came here to indulge in their hobby, but also on people who wished to learn more about the industry itself. 

Overall, our experience at Animangaki was definitely a pleasant and memorable one. If you’re interested in what we had done in Animangaki, do check out our TikTok video here


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