We Attended Comic Fiesta 2022!

After a 2-year of hiatus, Comic Fiesta finally returned to Malaysia and was held from the 17th to 18th December in the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC).

OffGamers was invited as an official media partner for one of Southeast Asia’s largest and longest-running animation, comics and games (ACG) events.

Booths, Booths, Booths Everywhere!

This year, the event was held on two floors, with each of the floors featuring its own category. The first floor mainly consisted of the exhibitor booths, while the art and cosplay booths were on the third floor.  

Upon entering the first floor, a large variety of exhibitor booths came into sight, with each of the booths selling anime merchandise ranging from figurines to clothes and wallets. There were also several booths selling video gaming-related products. 

On the third floor, the booths were separated into two halls – the conference hall and the grand ballroom.

The cosplay booths were located In the conference hall and were selling different merchandise like artwork and photo books.

On the other hand, the art booths in the grand ballroom were further separated into the basic art booths and premium art booths. From what we saw, the basic art booths consisted of small booths from enthusiast groups and artists, while the premium art booths were mainly for professionals and small art studios, where the booth space was larger. 

Various activities were also held during the event. On the stage area, different stage events, such as cosplay competitions, live drawing sessions, artist meet-and-greets and live performances by local and international artists were held.

Besides that, panel rooms were also prepared for various panel sessions hosted by the guests invited. 

A Dedicated Concert Just for the Fans!

concert comic fiesta 2022
Source: Comic Fiesta 2022

Some of the key guests from this year’s Comic Fiesta include Vtubers such as Takanashi Kiara and Watson Amelia, Anisong singer Suzuki Konomi and well-known manga artist Akihito Tsukushi – the creator of Made in Abyss.  

Our overall experience in Comic Fiesta 2022 was definitely a hectic but enjoyable one. One thing we hope for improvement is the crowd control, where it could be better as we had also heard reports stating that some people took 3 hours to go into the venue.

We were also shocked to see how big the local ACG community had grown these past two years. We hope the organisers can learn from their shortcomings this year and make necessary improvements in future events. Do also check out our vlog below for footage of what we saw in Comic Fiesta. If there are any events that you would like us to attend, do also let us know through our social media platforms.