We Got Your Back, Fam


We have now arrived at a crucial point, as we’re seeing the adverse effects of the COVID-19 pandemic which is currently impacting international and local businesses, and most importantly, the health of people in affected areas. We stand together as a global community now than ever as we combat the disease. And with you doing your part in practicing social distancing, we want you to know that we’re right there with you.

Holding The Line Together

Being in business for 15 years, we’ve followed the progress of the video gaming industry to its current form and we evolved alongside it. And we’re proud to be part of the video gaming sphere and continue to provide services to gamers all around the world so that they can keep being active in this global community. Much of our success is credited to gamers like you. Though we are seeing the impact of COVID-19 more clearly around us, we want to assure you that we’re not going anywhere.

Ready to Serve, Whenever, Wherever

As most of you might know, our services are fully available on our online platform, no matter where you are in the world. We are ready to serve you and we are in a position to offer all of our products digitally, which is currently the safest way one could purchase with zero risks posed. We know you miss the world outside, but it is vital to keep social distancing, so let us bring the world to you via video games. All our products are up, and all of our payment portals are available for your convenience.

Our Team is Ready to Roll

As we’ve seen the early spread of COVID-19 that affected our Chinese team in China, we’ve put on early measures to ensure our team is safe from the looming threat. The OffGamers teams are currently working at home, as part of the social distancing global effort to help fight the disease. Our team is diligently working at home to keep our services running for you. Our Customer Support team is trying their best to attend to all your queries and request for help from all over the world. Rest assured, any purchases made on our site during this period will go through smoothly without any hassle. Help will come your way if needed.