We Will Be Getting A Live-Action Pokémon Movie Soon

It’s official. Legendary Entertainment has finally secured the rights to the Pokémon franchise and greenlighting a movie starring the beloved mascot in the Pokémon live-action spin-off, Detective Pikachu.

Pokemon Live Action

No details have been given on the plot and story of the spin-off but reports indicate that the movie will be fast-tracked with production expected to start in 2017.

With the phenomenal success of Pokémon GO, Legendary Entertainment looks to capitalise on the recent wave of popularity that the Nintendo franchise is experiencing with a live action film.If they can manage to reach the commercial success that the Warcraft movie experienced, then the China-owned studio will be home to two of the biggest video game movie franchises.

Detective Pikachu Live Action

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Pokémon GO is available now for Android and iOS on selected regions.

Source: Variety

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