Webzen 11th Anniversary Event, enjoy Up to 10% Bonus!

Duration: April 28, 2020 to May 12, 2020

Webzen holding an amusement park event to celebrate the 11th Anniversary Festival. During the event period, all players are welcome to visit the official website to enjoy the festival by collecting W-Steps.

With the steps acquired, players can try out five different rides from the amusement park which gives out special gifts. To earn more W-Steps, players are encouraged to visit Facebook page and log in to one of the Webzen’s games.

In addition, all Webzen games are hosting their own in-game events to celebrate the 11th Anniversary. To continue with the festive mood, Webzen will be running fun events on its official Facebook page. Furthermore, top-up bonus up to 30% and extra rewards will be available for the entire 15 days of the 11th Anniversary event.


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Webzen Wcoin



For more information, please visit:
Webzen Official Site.