Welcoming New Members of The OffGamers Family! Part 1.

OffGamers is proud to present to you the two latest additions to our ever-growing family, Rose Gaming and Aisaka Miharu! These two bubbly internet personas are a light in the gaming world, making their own close-knit communities in an industry overflowing with talent. Hopefully, you’re as excited as we are about getting to know them!

In today’s article, we’re going to be taking a more in-depth look at these two up-and-coming gamers and just have a chill sit down with them. We’ll figure out what games they enjoy, what challenges they face, and how their careers blossomed into what it is today. 

So let’s give them a warm and hearty welcome as we dive into this article and get to know them better. Let’s go!


Our New Members:

Rose Gaming

rose gaming

Facebook: Rose Gaming MLBB

Instagram: @poetryofroses

Rose is a friendly sight for sore eyes when she starts to stream on Facebook. She plays a lot of mobile games that it has become her forte when it comes to gaming. The unfortunate reasoning behind it is that PC games trigger her motion sickness, so she’d rather stick to mobile gaming instead.

But no worries, this doesn’t mean that she doesn’t play PC games at all! In fact, she’s currently looking forward to Rainbow Six Quarantine and Halo Infinite’s release sometime this year. When prompted further, she mentions that she wants to play Rainbow Six Quarantine with her friends in multiplayer, which sounds like a really good bonding time! She also thinks that Halo Infinite looks like an interesting and unique game, so she’d like to give it a shot.

reyna valorant

Plus, one of her favorite video game characters is Reyna from Valorant, so it is safe to say that she plays a decent amount of PC games as well. In her own words, “I love her playstyle and her character design. She’s pretty much my aesthetic but in a game.” Which is honestly, relatable. We all have a character we resonate with strongly at some point in life – be it for the values they hold or the way they express themselves (and yes, that includes appearances!).

When prompted further, she also mentions that she wants to play more of Genshin Impact and PUBG Mobile as well as explore more console and PC titles. It would be fun to watch her play games of different genres for a change, that’s for sure. We can’t wait to see her further step into the battle royale and RPG scene! And, remember, you could always get your dose of Genshin Impact Primogems or PUBG Mobile UC right here with us.

mobile legends bang bang

So, you might be wondering… how did it all start? Well, she mentions that playing games was something that she has always done as a child, but she stepped into the esports scene because of her boyfriend. Rose Gaming started as a brand when she started streaming way back in 2018 to make more friends and connect with more people in the Mobile Legends space. 

It is now 2021, and what started as a small-scale friendly search for connection has eventually turned into a fruitful career that she is now happy to have.

However, as much as you would like to think that her career is filled with rainbows and butterflies, that’s not always the case. Realistically, Rose faces her own set of challenges as a gamer and streamer as she has to manage her viewers’ expectations and try to constantly find ways to improve on her content. 

Trends and interests continue to fluctuate and change over time, so she has to constantly keep up with that to keep her audience entertained and interested. Being a persona working in social media is no easy task as you’re constantly in the spotlight which could take a toll on you – physically and mentally.

Luckily, she has her own coping mechanisms. When it comes to the stress that she faces through these challenges (or any stress really) she copes by baking at odd hours like 3 AM. Nothing like some sweet treats to munch on when stressed either eh? A win-win situation – baking to release stress and eating the baked goods when stressed. Sounds like a sweet time.


Aisaka Miharu

aisaka miharu

Facebook: Aisaka Miharu

Instagram: @aisakamiharu

Aisaka Miharu is an alias that the world has come to associate with this bubbly personality online. Her real name is Sheryl and her current favorite game happens to be League of Legends: Wild Rift. Here’s a secret that could give you a chuckle: she has a habit of squatting on her chair rather than sitting normally (gasp, I honestly thought I was the only one!). Before you say anything, it’s comfortable! Try it for yourself!

Anyways, let’s not get sidetracked. Sheryl is a gamer and a cosplayer, which is a rather interesting combination of creativity and fun. Her favorite cosplay so far would be Pajama Guardian Lulu from League of Legends – which is not that surprising since it is a part of her favorite game after all. 

Lulu is an adorable little mage in the game that can change and shape reality into whatever she wants. Kind of like how Sheryl can shape her own reality through cosplaying as her favorite characters!

Her favorite cosplayer would be Kamui Cosplay as she specializes in prop making and can literally bring any character to life. It is an inspiring amount of hard work and talent to create something from scratch in order to realize a dream, which seems to be what Sheryl is working towards as well.

Now, onto the gaming side of things! She started playing games at a very young age that it has now become a part of who she is. As she grew into a teenager, she was exposed to more competitive titles and was given an opportunity to work in the gaming industry itself. Since then, her love of gaming has continued to grow and she just never stopped playing, which is something that we can all relate to.

If she had to choose a game to play for the rest of her life it would be any title from the Harvest Moon franchise due to its rather relaxed nature. Harvest Moon happens to be the first game she picked up when she was young and even if she’s finished the game, she would just reset it repeatedly in order to unlock any new achievements. Now that’s dedication for ya!

When it comes to the challenges she has to face as a gamer, she said, “Improving, because the industry is so competitive, you have to find ways to make yourself stand out as a personality. Aside from that, trying to climb the ladder and getting good in the game takes a ton of hard work plus trial and error.” She’s right, of course.

Day by day the gaming industry gets even more competitive as new players emerge and people get more interested in gaming. The gaming industry now, with the impact of the pandemic, is stronger than ever. In fact, some would argue that it has gotten stronger. Streaming and becoming actual gamers and internet personalities is no longer a far-fetched dream; everyone has tried their hand at it by now.

As a gamer, naturally there are games that she looks forward to as well. When questioned, she mentions that she’s looking forward to Blue Protocol’s release – a game that is somewhat a mashup of Genshin Impact and Monster Hunter. Essentially, it is a JRPG with rather flashy graphics and in her own words, “Who wouldn’t like having waifus/husbandos slaying monsters.” 

Honestly, we can’t help but agree on that matter and so does the world. Especially with Genshin Impact hitting over a billion in sales in just about six months of its release, and Monster Hunter Rise making its way to the top of Capcom’s gaming sales.


Final Words

So there you have it, two of the latest additions to the OffGamers family! We’re excited and grateful to have them join us on this journey together. Just as the gaming industry continues to grow, so will we. We look forward to future collaborations with Rose and Sheryl, and hope that everyone does too!

You can catch them streaming and playing games on their respective accounts, and we hope you will continue to support all of us as we continue to expand in the gaming industry. We support each other in this household, right? So go on and pop into one of their streams for a quick little hello when you can!

Do let us know in the comments below what you think of these two new additions to the gang, and be nice! Let’s all form a supportive and welcoming community together. Remember, stay safe and game on!


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