Welcoming New Members To The OffGamers Family! Part 2.

OffGamers is proud to present further additions to our gaming family with Nyan Yan and Ristelle joining our ranks! These friendly faces are here to join our community and grow together with us, so make sure to give them a warm and friendly welcome.

In this article, we’ll be learning all about them – from their favorite games to their daily guilty pleasures, so join us as we go through them together! Hopefully, you’re as excited as we are in getting to know these lovely gamers and how they got to where they are today.

Are you curious yet? Well, you won’t have to wait any longer – let’s get into it!


Our New Members:

Nyan Yan

nyan yan

Facebook: Eyan Raihann

Instagram: @eyanraihann

Eyan or better known online as Nyan Yan is a unique gamer and streamer that you can find on Facebook streaming her favorite games Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and PUBG Mobile. Just like all of us, she has her own bad habits – she easily gets very emotional and copes by playing games as a distraction. Much like an escapism method that we all resort to once in a while.

The game that started it all for Eyan was Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. In fact, she went so far as to say that it was essentially love at first sight. Can’t blame her, honestly. The addictive gameplay and wide range of characters are enough to make anyone swoon. If you’re looking to play Mobile Legends, make sure to get some Mobile Legends Diamonds for your in-game purchases.

She started to actively game and stream as it is part of her original interests: playing games and making new friends. She decided that streaming on Facebook could help her meet more people within the community, and she struck gold cause she’s right! She has now met and formed a tight-knit community of friends who enjoy watching her streams and supporting her.

Speaking of challenges, as a gamer and streamer, she’s bound to face some sort of hardship or challenge as she continues to grow. When prompted further, she mentions that toxic people, burnout, and thinking of new ideas for content are what challenge her in this field. Which is understandable. 

Nobody enjoys having to deal with toxic people that continue to bring them down. If you have ever come across someone like that on the internet, make sure to not feed into their need for attention, block and report them immediately. They are not worth the time nor the energy. Let’s all just be nicer to each other, it’s free and feels so much better than bringing someone else down!

When it comes to games, she’s looking forward to trying out League of Legends: Wild Rift. This is mainly because she heard that it’s a tough game to play and she loves a challenge, especially in learning new things. She’s also a PC person, so we’re hoping to watch her play some PC games sometime in the future.

Since there are hundreds of game genres out there, and it seemingly keeps growing as the gaming industry continues to expand, we asked Eyan what game genre she prefers. Here’s what she has to say, “I love story games because I feel like they are challenging and it requires the player to think thoroughly in order to complete a task.”

Which sounds fun! Honestly, the one thing you can get from this whole interview is that Eyan is a challenger that finds satisfaction in achieving and completing challenging things. Where most people would give up, she would rise to the cause. She would make a headstrong fighter in this challenging industry, so watch out!



Facebook: 0ristelle0

Instagram: @ristelle

Twitch: Ristellerin

Nicknamed Ris, she is a woman of many talents, much like a jack of all trades. She cosplays, sings, plays games, and streams! She’s been a cosplayer for 10 years and counting, it’s something she loves doing and we don’t see her stopping anytime soon. She enjoys FPS games the most and is currently on a roll with Apex Legends.

The weirdest habit she has is that she enjoys searching for any pimples to pop on herself, which sounds gross, but is oddly satisfying. If you’ve ever watched one of those pimple-popping videos, you would know how satisfying it feels. This is a safe space, we don’t judge! 

As we’ve previously mentioned, Ris is a woman of many talents. She balances between cosplaying, singing, gaming, and streaming which comes with their own responsibilities and hard work. She admittedly mentions that it is hard for her to balance between them, being a procrastinator that tends to delay things and push them to the last minute. 

But no worries, she realizes her flaw when it comes to procrastination and is learning to get back on track by making schedules and setting deadlines for herself to work more efficiently. Well done, Ris! Fellow procrastinators, do take note.

Her favorite cosplay to date would be Sakurajima Mai from Rascal Does Not Dream of A Dreaming Girl, a supernatural romance drama anime released in 2019. It’s a movie sequel to the hit anime-manga adaptation Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai by Hajime Kamoshida. If you haven’t figured it out yet, she cosplayed as the bunny girl!

We got a little cheeky and asked her what she would choose to do among the three (cosplaying, gaming and singing) if she were to pick only one, and she answered gaming! We didn’t tell her to say that, promise! 

In fact, she even mentions that she wants to play more competitive fast-paced shooting games and casual co-op games like It Takes Two. She absolutely loves games that she could play and enjoy along with her friends, which is something most people can relate to when it comes to gaming. Indeed, gaming is always better with friends!

So, how did it all start? Well, Ris started streaming Overwatch when it was first released and this was back when streaming wasn’t an accessible thing for most people. Streaming wasn’t a common thing that anyone could do back then. 

In her own words, she talks more about why she wanted to stream, “The reason why I wanted to stream is because of the funny and great moments that I missed out and couldn’t capture during my gameplay. It made me realize that I might as well stream because I can always save memorable clips.” 

Hence, what started as a personal need to save memories turned into a whole community of people tuning in and supporting her streams even to this day! She’s built something truly wonderful for herself.

She’s looking forward to playing Hollow Knight: Silksong if it ever gets released this year. In her opinion, it is one of the best Metroidvania games out there with clean and simple graphics. She enjoys exploring and discovering new parts of the map the most, not to mention the killer soundtrack to aid the mood. Overall, the game has a really intriguing story with challenging fights that motivates her to keep trying and complete the game.

And we get it! The first Hollow Knight was a truly addictive experience that we still think about to this day, and as all Metroid games go, it was a challenging experience. You would have to be resilient in starting over and over again to get past certain levels and bosses. Much like being resilient in trying out new things and facing the challenges of the online world!


Final Words

And… there you have it! Two more lovely additions to our ever-growing gaming family here at OffGamers. We are grateful and ecstatic to have them on board to further lighten the mood and liven the space. We all need a little light these days, don’t we?

Be sure to show them your support by watching their streams and interacting with them online – eh, if you can find them offline on the streets, we’re sure a simple hello would be nice too! As we continue in this ever-expanding gaming industry, let us all be supportive and welcoming to each other.

Right, so do let us know in the comments below what you think of these new additions to the gang. We don’t have to remind you to be nice, right? Being polite and nice is something that we all should learn to do by now. Anyways, stay safe out there and game on!