What Do We Want To See From Pokemon Legends: Arceus

What Do We Want To See From Pokemon Legends: Arceus


There have been talks amongst the Pokemon community that the much-anticipated Pokemon Legends: Arceus will not be open-world.

While Nintendo did not explicitly say that the game is open-world in any of their announcements, it is the nature of the game that led many of us to believe that the game would be open to exploration which apparently wasn’t really the case.

In a recent statement by The Pokemon Company themselves, it was mentioned that players will be tasked with surveying missions and would need to return back to Jubilife Village to prepare for their next task.

This indirectly indicates that the game will be played at a linear pace and possibly be formulaic like its predecessors.

Although we are bummed that Pokemon Legends: Arceus is not exactly open-world, we are still excited to see what the game has in store for us.

Here are some ideas that we think would be great for the game.


Stronger Plot Pokemon Legends Arceus


A Stronger Plot


Now that we know that the game will most likely be progressing in a linear way, we certainly hope that more effort will be emphasised on the game’s story.

One critique of the Pokemon Sword and Shield game is that despite its state of the art design, the game falls short when it comes to storytelling with character developments that is honestly lacklustre.

We hope that this will be improved upon in Pokemon Legends: Arceus where the characters and story are more fleshed out.

The reason why we have high hopes for the story is that the game will be based on the events before the main games and that in itself is already an intriguing premise.


Regional Pokemon Legends Arceus


More Region-Based Pokemon


Luckily, we definitely will be seeing region-based Pokemon from the Hisui region. So far, the Pokemons that have their own unique Hisui designs are Growlithe and Braviary.

Besides that, Stantler and Basuclin will also receive regional evolutions which we are loving based on the announcement trailer.

But we gaming folks are a greedy bunch and we want more! It would be great where underrated Pokemons like Ursaring and Drampa would get a brand new Hisui design to ‘rebrand’ their look and give them some much-needed love.


Immersive Gameplay Pokemon Legends Arceus


Immersive Multiplayer Experience


Previously, the mainline Pokemon games have rather weak multiplayer purposes. Most of the time, the multiplayer system is used for trading and competitive battling that can be very mundane in the long run.

While we do see improvements in Sword and Shield where Trainers can matchmake and go on raids together, the overall experience still feels unfinished.

Hopefully, Sword and Shield multiplayer raid battles are just prototypes for what is more to come and we certainly hope that they can refine this idea and bring in a more intuitive multiplayer gameplay experience in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.


Better Postgame Content Pokemon Legends Arceus


Better Postgame Content


We have to say, the recent Pokemon titles’ postgame hasn’t been that great.

After completing the main story, there wasn’t anything meaningful to do, yes, we’re looking at you Sword and Shield, although the greatness of its postgame contents is hidden behind a DLC which you need to get an expansion pass to explore.

Some of the best postgame content in recent memory include Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen and Pokemon Black and White 2 where there are many places to venture after beating the game.

Adding to the fact that the Hisui region is arguably one of the most beautiful regions Pokemon has to offer, we think we can safely assume that we as Trainers are extremely down to keep exploring the vastness of the region even after we have beaten the game!


Pokemon Legends: Arceus is now available for pre-order from the Nintendo eShop. And if you need to top up your account with some Nintendo eShop cards, you can buy one for your own region here at OffGamers!