What Steam Games to Buy in 2020

Can you believe it? We’re almost all the way through 2019, and it seems like developers have started to ramp up promotion for new, exciting games ready for release next year. If you plan to buy steam games, our list will help you.

We’ve created one of the most comprehensive lists for anyone wanting to purchase steam games or redeeming them with Steam Gift Card this coming year.

From futuristic worlds to remastered games, the following games will keep you more than entertained in 2020.

kerbal space program 2

Kerbal Space Program 2

An initial release date is set for 2020, and from the trailers, Kerbal Space Program 2 looks to be an immersive, fun game. The game is a space sandbox that will allow multiple-person play and include additional mod support for players.

The developers claim that the second iteration of the game will be easier to learn, and this should allow a lot of new players easier entry into the game.

You’ll be able to build more than just vehicles in the game, too. You’ll be able to construct your own colonies, space planes and rockets, too. You’ll be able to build rockets that can help you land on other planets where you can create your own Kerbal population.

The colony will grow, and they will eventually be able to build their own rockets.

Kerbals, or the little green humanoids that you’ll be in control of during gameplay, are fun, exciting and intelligent. You’ll be able to take control of Kerbals and start to explore the cosmos. It’s a game that has gotten so much publicity that even NASA has started to play the game.

The original iteration of the game allowed players to choose between multiple game modes, and you also had the option of being able to recreate programs, such as the Apollo program.

Anyone who wants to sit down and enjoy a space-themed simulation will appreciate Kerbal Space Program 2.

monster hunter world iceborne

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

If you buy a Steam card, one game that you have to try is Monster World. The Capcom masterpiece is an action-adventure game that is actually going into beta this week, the last week of August.

The game is to be launched on September 6, 2019, but the Steam version of the game is coming January 2020.

Iceborne is an expansion for Monster Hunter: World. The expansion promises to build off of the previous game with a new world that is filled with challenging master rank quests and powerful monsters.

You’ll have to complete the main storyline before proceeding to Iceborne. Players will be located in an area called Hoarfrost Reach, with a snow-covered terrain and ecosystem. The region promises to be the most expansive in the game.

Players will experience fierce hunts along with new hunt strategies and the option to reach the Master Rank difficulty, which promises to be very difficult to complete.

You’ll notice a key difference in the actions you can take. Slingers, for example, will be able to be used when any main weapon is drawn. Slingers have also been upgraded with new features, such as the claw, which allows you to grapple onto monsters. You can also use the flinch shot, which will stun monsters.

In total, there are 14 weapon types available that bring fun and exciting elements to the game.

If you plan to wait until the expansion is released to dive into Monster Hunter: World, you’ll find that a Master Edition of the game will be available that will allow you to purchase the base game and the expansion at the same time. There will be a deluxe version of the expansion, too, which will contain a slew of cosmetic items.

wasteland 3

Wasteland 3

Wasteland 3 is projected to be released in Spring 2020. The role-playing game is a sequel to Wasteland 2. You’ll be engaging in a squad-based, turn-based combat game that is multiplayer based.

The plot of the game takes place in Colorado in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

You’ll be responsible for controlling the last member of Team November. Playing as a Desert Ranger, you’ll be ending your fight to try and keep Arizona alive. You’ll start the game by moving to Colorado where you have received promises of aid.

But the aid comes at the cost of doing a job that an outsider can perform. You’ll be responsible for saving the person’s land from three bloodthirsty children. Everything is new and exciting, and you’ll be rebuilding from scratch.

You’ll have to find a vehicle that is worthy of the snow, and you’ll be engaged with training new recruits.

Entering a land that is filled with corruption is no easy task. Everything around you seems to be torn apart, and you’ll come across:

[list style=’regular’]
[list_item]Sibling rivalries[/list_item]
[list_item]Warring factions[/list_item]

As a single player, you’ll be training recruits until you have a squad of six Rangers that are all fully customizable. You’ll be able to customize you squad’s abilities and perks so that they can match your playstyle.

But that’s not all: you will also have access to your own truck, which is like a weapon in itself. The truck can be upgraded and advanced, and you’ll be able to outfit your truck with an onslaught of weapons.

The game is for a mature audience, and it depicts strong levels of violence, gore and language, too.

cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 is going to be one of the best games of the year. There’s a lot of hype surrounding this title, and I can almost guarantee that all of your friends will be playing it. The title made waves recently when the creators released a video featuring Keanu Reeves in the game.

And while people thought it was just a brief stunt, he will actually be a good part of the game.

Offering an open-world adventure, you’ll take control of the main character of the story: “V.” You’ll be unable to choose from a male or female due to a recent change in development. But you’ll be taking control of a fierce mercenary who is on the hunt for immortality.

Cyberpunk knows that as an outlaw, you have to adapt and change your playstyle and skillset.

You never know when death is around the corner, so you’ll be able to adapt the entirety of V’s gameplay from skillset to playstyle. As you explore the city, you’ll have to prepare for violent encounters and also use automobiles to get from one destination to the next.

Buy apartments and garages, play mini games and enjoy the world in 2077 with self-driving cars which allow you to engage in combat in the middle of driving.

Immersive in every sense, everything from the clothes you wear to the time of day will change how people and the city around you behave.

V is equipped with a serious arsenal of tools, from arm blades to close combat weapons and weapons that can penetrate walls. You’ll find that V is also going to advance their skill throughout the game, allowing you to increase accuracy and reload speed.

The title is set to be released in April 2020.

psychonauts 2

Psychonauts 2

Psychonauts 2 doesn’t have an official release date just yet, but we do know that it will be available in 2020. The game was first announced in 2015, and it is a sequel to the original Psychonauts game. Financial issues held the game back from development, but a crowd-funding campaign raised nearly $4 million for the development.

The third-person platform will be similar to the original, and it will allow you to control a player that is known as Raz.

Raz is a new graduate that has the unique talent of being able to use his powerful psychic abilities to go into the minds of others. Sounds awesome, right? It gets even better. Players will also be able to use other powers, including levitation and pyrokinesis throughout the game.

The worlds that you’ll be entering are all mental worlds, so you never know what crazy adventures await you during gameplay.

Players that have played the original will be happy to know that the second iteration of the game picks right up where the original left off.

system shock

System Shock Remastered (2020)

System Shock is a game that was first released in 1994. The game was a hit, but studios never pursued making another game until 2012. The studio that retained the rights had a few financial issues before going on Kickstarter to get the franchise back up and running.

The result was a major hold up, but now the final release of System Shock Remastered is finally coming to fruition. Players can expect the single-player game to be released in the first-quarter of 2020.

The game will stay true to the classic experience, but it will offer enhanced graphics and gameplay that players can enjoy. A futuristic game, System Shock allows you to take on the role of a hacker that attempts to interrupt the plans of SHODAN in the year 2072.

Players will have to search their way to success, with energy weapons and complex puzzles to override SHODAN.

dying light 2

Dying Light 2

Do you like zombies? If so, Dying Light 2 is the adventure game you’ll be wanting to play next year. The title is already out, and it’s being hailed as one of the best zombie games ever created. You’ll be thrown into a situation of life or death, with zombie chases that are from your worst nightmares.

The game is to be released in Spring 2020, and it offer single-player and multiplayer gameplay.

The action role-playing game will be available across an array of consoles, and when exploring the city, you’ll want to go into every unlit corner of the world looking for scraps. You’ll be able to scavenge scraps and resources to craft new weapons and items along the way.

Players are in ultimate control, and you’ll meet new factions and settlements that you have to make some tough decisions with. You may decide to help or leave these settlements, but whatever you choose, it will completely change the game’s gameplay.

Non-playable characters will view you differently for the actions you choose.
Certain areas of the city are on complete lockdown and sealed, but these areas can often be opened when you make the right decision.

Aiden is the game’s protagonist who can run along walls, leap from ledges and also climb to make the environment even more important to gamers.

The game is filled with drama and choices, making zombies an even more enticing part of the game. Zombies which are out for brains will force players to make the right or wrong decisions when reaching a settlement.

It’s as much an action game as it is a psychological thriller.

destroy all humans

Destroy All Humans! (2020)

Destroy All Humans (2020) is a remake of the 2005 version of the game. What’s really neat about this title is that the developers plan to release it across a wide range of platforms, including Google’s Stadia.

What better reason to buy a Steam gift card than to destroy all humans?

You’ll be thrust into the third-person game where you’ll take control of Crypto 137, an alien which came to earth in 1959. Crypto’s job was to harvest human DNA, and while he may not look fierce, he’s equipped with alien technology that can be used to defeat enemies, including powerful laser guns.

Crypto isn’t just the same old alien that you hear about in stories. He is able to use psychokinetic powers and can also disguise himself as a human. If that wasn’t fun enough, you’ll also be able to chain actions together to take out your enemies.

You can levitate an enemy and then shoot the enemy with your gun.

Exploration takes place in six sandbox locations, which can all be explored freely. The locations all come with their own set of unique challenges that you’ll be able to focus on and overcome. Of course, no alien is complete without the player being able to use a flying saucer for fast travel or even a jet pack, which makes travel fast and fun. Why pay premium prices when you can get cheap Steam Gift Card here.