What to Expect from DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Season 2

What to Expect from DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Season 2


After the overwhelming success of League of Legends’ Arcane, it won’t be long before we are pampered with another animated treat.

It is reported that DOTA’s Dragon Blood Season 2 will be hitting Netflix in January next year!

As we prepare for round 2 of our beloved MOBA DOTA 2, here are some interesting key points that might take shape in this upcoming season.

*Spoiler alert for those who have not watched DOTA Dragon’s Blood Season 1


Invoker Dota 2 Dragon Blood Season 2


A Potential Dark Side to Invoker


In Season 1, Invoker is portrayed to be a character that is enigmatic and reserved. And despite him being neutral for most incidents, he still leans closer to the protagonists, siding and assisting Davion and Mirana with their struggles throughout the series.

As we dwell deeper into the series, we learn and understand that Invoker might not seem as reserved as he is. Yes, he is a truly loving father that would do anything for his daughter—almost to a fault where he can almost cross the line between right and wrong.

And since Selemene is one of the reasons why Invoker’s daughter is gone, we might see Invoker pull something unimaginable as Selemene is now at a precarious spot as she was just defeated by Terrorblade towards the end of Season 1.

Fun fact; Invoker’s origins from his Warcraft days is a traitor and is amongst the strongest of the Blood Elves. Maybe the writers are staying true to his background, but we must also take into consideration that this is Blizzard’s take on the character and Valve’s version of it might differ.

It would be interesting to see how the writers spin things with Invoker as his character is very popular among players and witnessing a different side to his persona can be one of the major turning points of the series.


Davion Dota 2 Dragon Blood season 2


A Power Spike for Davion


If we were to draw one criticism from Dragon’s Blood, it would be that its main character being Dragon Knight can be pretty dull.

Like in DOTA 2, his gameplay lacks explosiveness and is very objective-driven. That said, the series has already done a marvellous job in setting up Davion as a convoluted character as opposed to its DOTA 2 depiction.

In the series, he is written as someone who is vulnerable and yet heroic at times. Despite his bravery and heroism, he still struggles when talking to the Mirana and could not fully control the dragon resting inside him.

Now that Dragon’s Blood has already built a good framework for his character, the next step is to fully develop and show everyone what he is made of.

In the game, Dragon Knight’s strongest aspect is his ultimate Dragon Form and although we’ve seen glimpses of this transformation in Season 1, we would want to see more frames of the Skylark+Davion in full flight.


Anti Mage Dota 2Dragon Blood Season 2


More Heroes Introduced


We want to see more heroes! With over a hundred heroes to choose from in DOTA 2, we are pretty positive that they can introduce more heroes into the fray.

At the end of the series, we witnessed the emergence of Terrorblade, which is basically a foreshadowing of him being the primary antagonist of Season 2. According to Warcraft’s lore, there is a lot of depth to Terrorblade’s story.

For instance, he has a strong connection with Anti-Mage where many have described them both as twin brothers and they are basically reflections of themselves. This is an intriguing perspective to look at and maybe the writers can angle this somehow and find a sweet spot to fit Anti-Mage into the story.

Other references would probably be Mars, one of the few original characters from DOTA since its separation from Warcraft.

One of the in-game voice lines of Mars states “I had no quarrel with your worthless god…only with you!”, which indicates that he is repulsive towards most gods and is possibly holding a grudge against Mene, the revered goddess of the Elves.

Of course, we wouldn’t want the series to be flooded with heroes that are weakly developed, as we still believe in the mantra of quality over quantity.

Still, it would be nice if we could get some new characters for the new season.


Mirana Dota 2 Dragon Blood season 2


Mirana’s New Plight


Mirana has always been a loyal servant of the Elves in the series and would go through many ordeals to save her race.

With Season 1 ending with Selemene’s defeat at the hands of Terrorblade, the Elven race has lost the majority of their powers. Adding to the fact that Luna, one of the Elves’ strongest warriors have fallen, the mantle of leading the elves now falls upon the shoulders of Mirana herself.

This gives her new motivation and with her trustee mount and partner, Sagan and Marci, the Elves’ future is moving forward in the right trajectory and it would be fun to see how these heroes would fare against he who fears nothing; Terrorblade, the Demon Marauder.


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