What to Expect in Kirby and The Forgotten Land

What to Expect in Kirby and The Forgotten Land


Nintendo is often remembered for its Pokemon and Mario games and we can see why, as these games are great and have defined a generation of gaming culture.

However, due to the overwhelming success of both of the aforementioned games, many games that were published by Nintendo have flown over the radar. Many of its underrated gems have been severely underrated.

The Kirby games are easily one of the few Nintendo games that never got the love it deserved. The cute-pink-round figure character might be iconic to many game enthusiasts, but for casuals, at best, most of them could only say that they have seen the character before.

Despite awesome games like Kirby Super Star Ultra and Kirby’s Adventure, Kirby is still overlooked a lot and hopefully, the new Kirby and The Forgotten Land game will help spur Kirby’s fame higher than it currently is.

And if you are going in blind with Kirby and The Forgotten Land, here are a few things to expect.

New World Kirby


Into an Unknown New World


According to the trailer, Kirby is sucked into a brand new world called the Forgotten Land which hints that the universe has gone through an apocalyptic event. Everything is basically left to rot and civilization is at the brink of extinction.

While we don’t know the exact premise of the story or the background behind the state of the Forgotten Island, what we can tell is that the setting strongly suggests that nature is part of the equation and is going against buildings and infrastructures.

For instance, from the visuals we’re getting, we can see that there are vines and plants circling and consuming the buildings which we can hypothesise that nature is somehow angry about these man-made constructions.

Thus, it would be really interesting to see what the new story and setting is all about and why Kirby was sucked into the Forgotten Land. As well as to what extent the Forgotten Land has been taken over by nature, or perhaps there is a mastermind behind all of this.


Waddle Dee Town Kirby


Waddle Dee Town for Extra Content


As much as we are excited for the main storyline of Kirby and The Forgotten Land, the game offers a lot more.

In the secluded Waddle Dee Town, players can find a lot of other things to do. Players can fish, find a part-time job and play various different mini-games. A good break from the mainline story if you wish to unwind and take a breather.

Additionally, achievements and awards can also be won in Waddle Dee Town as you complete certain objectives. Collectables can also be earned here through a capsule, making Waddle Dee Town a heavenly hub for completionists.

And like with most newer games these days, being able to check the stats and information of other online players will also be available in Waddle Dee Town.


Mouthful Mode Kirby


A New Mode: Mouthful Mode


In Pokemon, Game Freak implemented an out-of-battle mechanic called Hidden Machine (HM) which is a move that helps the player access areas that are inaccessible without HMs.

The Mouthful Mode can be said as a loose version of HMs in Kirby and The Forgotten Land. This mode will allow Kirby to take over certain objects, allowing it to use these objects for different purposes and perhaps to access specific areas of the Forgotten Land.

Based on the official trailer, here are the known Mouthful Modes:


– Car Mouth

– Cone Mouth

– Ring Mouth

– Light-Bulb Mouth

– Arch Mouth

– Water Balloon-Mouth

– Stairs Mouth

– Dome Mouth

– Pipe Mouth


With so many different Mouthful Modes, we think that we can expect the Forgotten Land to be covered with different challenging obstacles and you will definitely need the help of these Kirby-exclusive modes to get through them.


Multiplayer co-play Kirby


Co-op Play is Available


Don’t want to traverse the Forgotten Land alone? Lucky for us, Kirby and The Forgotten Land supports co-op multiplayer play, meaning you will get to conquer the game with a friend!

Judging from the few seconds of co-op play from the official trailer, the gameplay reminds us strongly of the old The Incredibles: Rise of the Underminer and Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks where both players will be put inside the same stage and will need to defeat all enemies to progress.

That said, Kirby and The Forgotten Land’s co-op offers a lot more as you can even play mini-games in Waddle Dee Town together with your friend.


Coming to the Nintendo Switch on the 25th of March 2022, you can now pre-order Kirby and The Forgotten Land from the Nintendo eShop. And if you need funds to pre-order the game, do consider getting some Nintendo eShop cards here