What We Know About VALORANT’s Latest Episode 4 Update

What We Know About VALORANT’s Latest Episode 4 Update

It’s finally time to close the curtains for Episode 3 and open our doors to Episode 4 where Riot introduces a brand new agent and a content-filled battle pass.

As always, we are here to bring you the latest updates for Episode 4 and what you can expect and would want to focus on to bring out the best in this game patch.

Neon Valorant ep 4 update

New Agent: Neon

Like all new updates, what most fans—us included—anticipate the most are the newly introduced characters.

Last week, we were treated to 2 new characters from Genshin Impact and this week, we will be having a new Filipino goddess joining us as an agent in VALORANT!

This electrifying agent is introduced as Neon and has a pretty unique set of abilities that encourages quick and mobile gameplay.

Her skills include:

High Gear

– This is her ‘E’ ability. A channelling move that upon charge, you can use Alt-Fire to do an electrical slide manoeuvre. The slide charge will reset after 2 kills.

Relay Bolt

– This is her ‘Q’ ability. A projectile-based move where Neon throws an electrical bolt that affects the surface with a wide blast upon hit.

Fast Lane

– This is her ‘C’ ability. This is more of a control move. Neon fires two lanes of energy lines that climb on walls and blocks enemy vision while also damaging them if they were to try to cross it.


– This is her ‘X’ ability. Overdrive allows Neon to unleash her full potential that gives her the ability to shoot an electrical beam with insanely high accuracy. The duration will reset after each kill.

Currently, nobody really knows how strong Neon will be in the metagame but her kit is nevertheless extremely promising.

It is a set that suggests a strong and high-octane playstyle which is definitely welcomed in the VALORANT community.

Map Changes Valorant ep 4 update

Map Changes

Maps are arguably one of the most important aspects of VALORANT. They sometimes can even determine whether a team loses or wins and it has always been a factor that forces VALORANT players to adapt to the map that they are playing on.

In Episode 4, Riot has introduced some changes to both the Bind and Breeze maps. Changes are as follows:

Bind Map

– The overpowered one-way smoke location has been removed as this area made it very difficult for Attackers to approach.

– A bench has been added to give players a new option to peek into the new site. This is extremely useful for Attackers.

Breeze Map

– The A main entrance has been reworked to have a larger width. This also means that both Defenders can no longer peak positions simultaneously.

– New crates have also been added to provide extra cover for Attackers.

– The door situated at the A site can no longer be reactivated once it is opened or closed.

– The pool has been extended to the wall and The Spike can now be planted there.

Weapon Mechanics Update

This update will also include several weapon updates to better players’ quality of life. The changes include:


– Hitboxes are now slightly larger for melee weapons. This means your right-click attacks will not whiff as often.

– Targets that are situated closer to the centre of your knife attacks will be prioritised.

– You will now get instant feed from knifing walls, particularly when you are slicing up walls.


– A firing error has been addressed.

– Increased recoil for both pitch and yaw when running or jumping on an ascender.

– Time needed to switch yaw has been reduced.

– While spraying, the time needed to switch yaw has also been reduced.

– Protected bullet count for yaw while spraying has been reduced.


– Spin-up has been removed.

– Firing-rate has been increased.


– Fire rate for Hip has been increased.

– Recovery time on burst has been improved.

– Inaccuracy has been adjusted alongside its weapons’ Gun Recovery Time. This will therefore improve burst fire’s efficiency.

New Weapon Skin Valortant ep 4 update

Brand New Weapon Skins, Gun Buddies, Player Cards and Sprays

Besides gameplay changes and a new Agent, VALORANT has also introduced a premium battle pass that promises a lot of gorgeous weapon skins and other accessories.

Here is the breakdown of the items that you can get from the battle pass.

Weapon Skins


– Bucky

– Frenzy

– Guardian

– Judge


– Sheriff

– Stinger

– Odin

– Vandal


– Karambit

– Bulldog

– Spectre

– Phantom

– Shorty

Gun Buddies

– Big Brain

– Eco the Bulldog

– Bunny Tactics

– Chicken Out

– Big ol’ Barrel

– Epilogue Eco the Dog

– Hydrodip

– Episode Four, Act One

– Together Forever

– Velocity

Player Cards

– Be Mine Jett

– Epilogue PlayZilla Rubber Ducky

– Bind Schema

– Distracted Dualist

– Be Mine Phoenix

– Hydrodip

– Valentine’s Tactics

– Operation Fracture

– PlayZilla Rubber Ducky

– Unstoppable Sage

– Be Mine Sova

– Velocity


– Agent Down

– Bad Hair Day

– Jett-bot

– Hydrodip

– A Prime Valentine’s Gift

– Lost Connection

– Missed a Spot

– Head Slapper

– Nice One

– Potato Aim

– Quack!!

– Sweetest Match

– Shoot Here

– Use Ult

– What’s that

And for users who don’t want to splurge on the new battle pass, Riot has also included these free items for free-to-play players.

– Operation: Fracture Player Card

– Chicken Out Gun Buddy

– Valentine’s Tactics Player Card

– Lost Connection Spray

– Velocity Shorty with additional variants

Ready for a new chapter in your VALORANT journey? Grab a battle pass and look as awesome as possible when tapping heads with some Riot Points here!