What We Know So Far About Chapter 3: Flipped in Fortnite

What We Know So Far About Chapter 3: Flipped in Fortnite


One door closes and another opens. This time around, Fortnite is not closing any doors as Chapter 2 ends, the entire Fortnite has been flipped.

As with every new major update, we are all extremely thrilled and excited with what Fortnite’s latest chapter has in store for us.

To get everyone up to speed, here are some of the most notable changes and additions that Epic Games has made for Fortnite’s brand new chapter.


Fortnite Chapter 3 Gameplay Changes


General Gameplay Changes


To encourage more team play and emphasise teamwork, certain mechanics that involve the interaction between you and your teammates have also been improved.

For instance, reviving a teammate with more members will speed up the reviving process. Some newly added vaults will also require multiple players to open during your adventures.

As such, it is now highly recommended that you bring more friends to your party when you are trying out a new adventure.

Other items are also in a way ‘buffed’ to make team play more worthwhile. Items that have been added include:




Med-Mist is one of the newly added items in the Chapter 3 update. Med-Mist is capable of healing its user but can also be used to heal the users’ teammates.

It is also important to keep in mind that there is a limited amount of duration you can use this spray.

We recommend users to try out the spray for themselves in-game to get the hang of the duration where if you have mastered the timing and duration of the Med-Mist, it will be a powerful ally during tight situations.


Guzzle Juice


Another item that has been added in the new update is the Guzzle Juice.

The Guzzle Juice is an insane healing item that is able to heal your character up to 100 HP.

However, the downside to this item is that the healing effect can be cancelled if you are damaged by an enemy and you can’t apply the Guzzle Juice onto your allies like you can with the Med-Mist.

The best way to use the Guzzle Juice is to find a safe spot where you are temporarily free from assault and use the Guzzle Juice to get the best out of the heal-over-time.

Besides that, quests are also revamped. Quests can now be conveniently accessed via the lobby through the “Quest” option.

The Daily Quests can now also be shared amongst your team members to make your time easier in these quests.


New Areas Fornite Chapter 3 Flipped


Newly Added Areas


Besides new items, the Chapter 3 update has also introduced several new maps for us to savour.

The notable maps are as follows:



The Sanctuary is an area filled with palm trees and coastal keys. The Daily Bugle can also be found here.


Condo Canyon

A super dry area like a desert resort. It is home to the Chonker’s Speedway where players can get to enjoy some off-road racing.


Greasy Grove

The Greasy Grove is a place ideal for winter lovers. Notable places you can find in the Greasy Grove is the Logjam Lumberyard which you will need to venture to harvest wood.


Spiderman and New Characters Fortnite Chapter 3


New Characters and Weapons


Yay! We now have new weapons to run down those who stand in our way! The weapons introduced in this update are:


  • Ranger Assault Rifle
  • MK-Seven Assault Rifle
  • Striker Pump Shotgun
  • Auto Shotgun
  • Sidearm Pistol
  • Stinger SMG
  • Hunter Bolt-Action Sniper


As for new characters, the standout would easily be Marvel’s Spider-Man. It will totally be a new experience seeing our friendly neighbourhood hero web-slinging around Fortnite.

The spotlight however is not entirely on Spider-Man, as there are other unique characters who have been added with this update.

The Former Loopers or simply known as The Seven which are located throughout the new island which they occupy.

We also recommend users interact with this NPC when they meet them as there are many benefits you can get!


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