What We Know So Far About Lies of P

Lies of P is a highly-anticipated game that has captured the attention of players worldwide, with its promise of immersive gameplay and captivating storyline.

Honestly, there are still many things unknown about Lies of P and a lot of things right now are still considered speculation. Still with the demo now out, we will be doing the best of our abilities to dive into what we know so far about this enigmatic title and offer insights into what lies ahead.

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Let’s start!

Lore and Story

Lore and Story Lies of P
Photo Credits: Neowiz Games

The one thing that has truly attracted us to Lies of P is its story and plot. Based on the trailer/demo, we know that this game will be centred around Pinnochio, a classic fairy tale character. In movies, we’ve seen darker depictions of the wooden puppet boy, the more recent one being Guillermo del Toro’s amazing adaptation.

In many ways, this game’s design and storytelling approach is quite similar to American McGee’s Alice games where they take an innocent fairy tale and give it a dark twist. Other games that also come to mind are The Wolf Among Us and Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries.

Right now, we don’t know the full juice of how the whole dark-Pinnochio journey will go but we’re all here for it. Hopefully, they’ll deliver on their expectations because it is been a long since we’ve got an actual great morbid fairy tale game.

Graphics and Visuals

graphics lies of p
Photo Credits: Neowiz Games

Aesthetic-wise, the game looks phenomenal. From a couple of seconds of the gameplay video, we can see the visuals being healthily edgy and the character models look very refined.

The graphics and art style are a healthy mix of both Thymesia and Bloodborne, both excellent games of the goth genre. We can also see that the fidelity and shadowing of the monsters are done very cleanly where it actually feels like a AAA game.

One might also think that with such high-end graphics, the performance of the game might suffer. Judging from the gameplay video, the game seems to run perfectly at a stable FPS. Of course, we need to actually try the game out for ourselves before we know whether it is actually stable or not.

Gameplay and Mechanics

Lies of P Gameplay
Photo Credits: Neowiz Games

If you’ve played games like Bloodborne or Dark Souls, you’ll find familiar gameplay in Lies of P. You’ll need to use well-timed dodges and attacks to defeat enemies with unique animations. What sets this game apart is a weapon-making system, allowing you to craft the perfect weapon, and a customizable body for the main character, Pinocchio.

You can experiment with various enhancements that offer useful perks for exploring the world of Krat. The game’s quests change depending on your choices and lies, affecting the story’s outcome.

The developer, Round8 Studio, aimed to balance intense combat and a compelling story. They introduced a weapon combination system that lets you create new combinations of weapons with different functions. The game also offers a dynamic combat system and adjustable difficulty to suit your preferences.

Release Date and Its Platforms

The release of Lies of P is just around the corner, scheduled for September 19. It will be available on various platforms, including PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, and PS4.

For those who can’t wait until the official release, there’s good news: a Lies of P demo is already accessible on all platforms. This demo offers an adequate experience, featuring the first two chapters of the game. The chapters will include challenging boss encounters, introductions to key characters, and also unique areas to explore.

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Final Thoughts

And that’s it! This is pretty much what we know about Lies of P at the moment. Just be warned, everything is not finalised, so until its release, do take everything you see with a grain of salt. Until then enjoy shopping and remember to get all your video game needs from OffGamers using the ‘SHOP NOW’ button below!