What We Want to See From DOTA 2’s Upcoming Hero Marci

What We Want to See From DOTA 2’s Upcoming Hero Marci


During DOTA 2’s biggest tournament, The International (TI), fans of the game would be treated with not only some amazing DOTA but they would also get a glimpse of the upcoming DOTA 2 projects readied by Valve.

Although a hero reveal is not a guarantee at every TI, it has been confirmed that Marci from the DOTA Netflix series Dragon Blood will be joining the battlefield.

For those who have not watched Dragon Blood, Marci is one of the fan favourites due to her extremely cool demeanour and insane fighting capabilities.

Therefore, with such a good hype build-up, we are hoping that when Marci is finally playable, Valve would not disappoint.

Here’s hoping for the best, these are some content we want to see from when the new hero is launched!


Event Based On March Dota 2


An Event Based Around Marci


We still remember the time when Phantom Assassin and Rubick’s arcana were released and there was a special minigame based on its lore.

These minigames were so much fun and it fostered party queueing that is not competitive. This is a great break from the natural ‘try hard’ environment of the game which is sorely missed.

And since Halloween is just around the corner, maybe Valve could think of an event that relates to both Marci and its classic Diretide Halloween minigame!


Marci Hard Carry Dota 2


Make Marci a Hard-Carry Hero


It’s not like we’re hating on Supports and Mid Laners, but Carry heroes deserve some love.

The last we had an actual new carry hero was Monkey King and suffice to say, it has outlived its exclusivity of being ‘new’.

Plus, we’re honestly quite bored of constantly seeing Tiny and Spectre being picked every game, and a new amazing carry hero like Marci might just be the trick.


Marci Cosmetics Dota 2


Additional Cosmetics


Most newly added heroes tend to only come with their base design and we think Valve can take this up a notch.

It’s no understatement that Marci is such a well-designed character from Dragon’s Blood and while we want to take nothing away from that, we would like to also see a different perspective.

For instance, Earthshaker’s arcana is basically made as if the hero is derived from Norse mythology. Although this might stray a little bit away from the hero’s lore, it’s actually a way for us to see a different side of the character.


Communicative Tools Marci Dota 2


Unique Communicative Interactions


For those who don’t know, Marci is mute. Hence, her voice lines are severely limited and we hope Valve can do something unique about it.

What we recommend is that her character’s chat wheel be made unique. Instead of normal commands, her chat wheel can come in the form of hand signs (ASL).

Of course, the hand signs would be accompanied by descriptions inside brackets as this is also a good way for players to learn actual sign language while playing.


If you can’t wait for Marci to arrive this Fall, you can head over to Netflix and watch DOTA’s Dragon Blood to understand more about her character. Subscribe to Netflix with our gift card here at OffGamers today!