What We Want to See in God of War Ragnarok

What We Want to See in God of War Ragnarok


At the end of God of War (2018), we were left with a cliffhanger that has encouraged countless fan theories about Atreus’ background and what impact it will have on the storyline.

Fortunately for us, the answer to this million-dollar question might be revealed to us soon. According to several leaks from social media, the potential release date for God of War: Ragnarok is said to be on the 30th of September 2022.

Of course, the leaks are merely speculation and there has not been anything officially announced on Sony’s side, so we highly recommend readers to take the rumours with a grain of salt. But if the leak turns out to be true, here are some things we want to see included in Kratos’ Midgard adventures.

*Note that this article will have some major spoilers for God of War (2018), reader discretion is advised


Atreus God of War Ragnarok 2022


We Want to Know More About Atreus’ Background


This is arguably the most anticipated information reveal we want to see in Ragnarok. We know for a fact that Atreus’ mother actually wanted to name him Loki and for those who are unfamiliar with Norse mythology, Loki is usually seen as a trickster and a cunning individual that enjoys mischief.

Despite ancient folklore describing Loki as merely a prankster, modern media often depict Loki as an antagonist. Games like Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth and Shin Megami Tensei are notable examples of this.

As such, it would be really interesting to see how the developers craft and further develop Atreus into the story—will he be the evil that will bring about Ragnarok or will he be the saviour of Midgard?

Additionally, we also hope that the game will let us know more about Atreus’ mother, Laufey, who, apparently, is a frost giant. Perhaps, the game will allow us to peek into Kratos’ past on how Laufey and Kratos meet and also the cause of her death.


More Norse Gods God of War Ragnarok 2022


The Inclusion of More Norse Gods


From the trailer, we know that Thor, the God of Lightning will be making his debut in Ragnarok. Whether he is a friend or a foe of Kratos, we have no idea.

We’re greedy. Not only do we want to see the Mjolnir-wielding God in action, but we would also want to witness other notable deities like Odin and Surt.

That said, we understand if the developers would one to keep things optimal rather than submitting to fan services, it would be great to see some foreshadowing of the other Gods and how they would serve as plot devices for future God of War releases.


References to Previous God of War 2022


More References From Past God of War Games


In God of War (2018), Kratos saw glimpses of his past through ancient Greek relics and Zeus, appearing as an illusion in Helheim.

These are all pretty good references and it also goes to show that the writers did not retcon the franchise, staying true to the story’s roots of Kratos hailing from Greece with his past actions haunting him even as he steps into a new mythology.

It would also be great if they could bring back this concept of tying the present with the past. For instance, it would be intriguing to see references from other major Greek deities like Athena and Ares.

Other references can also come in the shape of equipment and accessories. One of the most hyped moments of God of War (2018) is the scene where Kratos unwraps the Blades of Chaos, signifying that he can never escape from his past.

Besides the Blades of Chaos, there are other powerful weapons like the Arms of Sparta and the extremely godly Blade of Olympus that we will gladly receive with open arms.


Bosses like Valkyries God of War Ragnarok 2022


More Side Quests Like the Valkyries


The Valkyries sidequest is easily one of the best parts of God of War (2018). The background and story behind the Valkyries’ corruption is tragic yet captivating, but more importantly, the gameplay is a whole lot of fun.

The Valkyrie bosses certainly live up to its name as being one of the toughest bosses of the entire franchise. Each of the Valkyries is to be fought individually, but do not let the one-on-one gameplay fool you as the Valkyries have their own specific set of moves which you would most likely need a gameplan for.

Therefore, adding a Dark Souls-like boss to the upcoming Ragnarok game can be a decent motivator for players to continue playing the game after completing the main storyline.


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