What We Want to See in Hades 2

The GOTY Awards 2022 was a blast. Aside from the unexpected twist at the end where a disruptor made things rather interesting, we were all treated with some other surprises.

For indie/roguelike fans, we assume that the biggest highlight for the awards is the announcement of Hades 2. It was a bone-chilling announcement and once the music kicks in, there were goosebumps across the theatre as we are reminded how good the first game was.

At the moment, we have no clue what the premise of the story of this sequel holds. All we know and were teased with is the female protagonist, her new equipment and the introduction of new Greek gods.

Of course, as Hades fans ourselves, we genuinely have high expectations for the sequel and here are some of the things we want to see included in Hades 2.


Hades 2 New Characters


More Playable Characters


While there might be a charm in having only one playable character in Hades, we feel that the developers can increase the game’s replayability by having more protagonists.

For example, Child of Morta has numerous characters you can play with and despite playing through the same dungeon, the experience is pretty different each run. Right now, the only diversity Hades has is its weapons and boons. Branching that diversity out to its characters could yield great results.

That said, it is also best for them to not overdo this thought because having way too much playable characters could also be an issue. A limit of 3-4 would be good which each of them having unique quirks and interactions.


Enemies hades 2


Diversify Its Enemy Design


When it comes to the level and character design, Hades has it spot on. The levels are unique and the Greek deities are all exquisite and are eye candies. The same thing cannot be said for the enemies though.

Most of the mobs/normal enemies in Hades are pretty repetitive and their designs are the same and only slapped with different colour schemes. Sure, their movements and attacks are awesome, but aesthetically, they are not.

Hopefully, in Hades 2, we will get to see different variations of enemies coming not just from the colour schemes. Perhaps, the developers can look into more Greek characters and creatures which they can derive from.


cerberus hades 2


Recurring Characters


We cannot emphasise this enough. Cerberus needs to return.

After a gruesome death, going back to the Underworld and petting Cerberus is mandatory. It’s a soul-soothing moment and we hope it makes a comeback in this upcoming sequel. We don’t know if the sequel is set in the Underworld but we do hope that the Hell Dog will make an appearance somewhere.

Besides Cerberus, we also wish for Zagreus and Nyx to make some form of appearance. What we would suggest is making Zagreus a mini-boss in some stages or as an obstacle. This would be so sick as we would be going up against a monster that we create a couple of years ago.


mechanics hades 2


Better Depth in Mechanics


If we’re judging Hades as a roguelike, it is one of the easier ones out there. The gameplay has strong hack-and-slash elements which means spamming attacks work and it works well.

As this is easy to execute, the hack-and-slash gameplay will overtake other mechanics and you’ll start seeing players mindlessly spamming attacks. In the long run, this could be a bore and makes the gameplay a little shallow.

Don’t get us wrong. We’re not trying to say that the developers should make a game that is unfairly hard. Instead, we hope to have deeper mechanics like more status conditions, boon combinations and enemy quirks.


customisation hades 2


Customisable World and Character


One of the best things about Hades is that the player is able to redesign and decorate the Underworld to their liking. It might not be Sims-level but it is a feature that is really appreciated as it brings life to the Underworld.

Unfortunately, the devs missed one customisation feature which is the option to play dress-up with the main character. Imagine having Zagreus equipped with a reaper’s robe as he tries to make his way out of Tartarus. That would be so amazing.

So, we are crossing our fingers that the new protagonist will be customisable with special cosmetics. This will make runs more personalised and fun. The characters are already well-designed as is, let’s make them better!

Well, that’s about it! These are some of the things we wish would be included inside Hades 2 which we think would enhance the game’s overall experience. And if you haven’t dipped your toes into Hades yet, be sure to purchase it on Steam using our Steam Wallet Codes here!