What We Want to See in Hogwarts Legacy

What We Want to See in Hogwarts Legacy


The Harry Potter franchise has been playing an integral part in the early 2000s media culture. With its new stage play, reunion specials and countless fanfics, it is safe to say that JK Rowling’s masterpiece is still very relevant today as it was a couple of decades ago.

For us gamers, we’re in luck. The previous Harry Potter games were so-so as they were limited to the technology of its time.

Next year, Avalanche Software will play a hand in fulfilling our fantasies with an open-world Harry Potter game titled Hogwarts Legacy.

As usual, expectations are to be expected for a AAA game like this. So here’s our wishlist of what we wish to see included in Hogwarts Legacy.


what to expect hogwarts legacy good social system


A Well-Thought Social System


“Help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who ask for it.” 

Despite Hogwarts Legacy being an open-world game, we do wish that there is a decent social mechanic where players are rewarded for their interactions with NPCs or if possible other players.

One of the many reasons why the wizarding world is so fascinating is that it centres a lot around friendship and romance which we feel that the game’s gameplay would need as well.

Without a rewarding social system, games like Persona, Stardew Valley and The Sims might not be as immersive as they are. In fact, most of these games excel because they have a solid social mechanic.

That said, we do hope that the characters or NPCs of the game are properly written and developed because if we were to combine poorly written characters with lengthy social gameplay, players might find it draggy and worse, the game can be insufferable.


what to expect hogwarts legacy multiplayer support


Multiplayer Play


What’s better than rubbing your wins in the face of your friends with a neat FIFA goal? Catching the Golden Snitch right under their nose!

The point is, the wizarding world needs company. Yes, you can argue that it is more immersive to explore Hogwarts alone but once you have scoured every inch of the place, you’ll soon need friends.

It would be great if we could take on missions/raids together like the classic World of Warcraft games. Perhaps even attending classes where if you’re with a group of friends, it would yield better results.

Even so, there’s still the problem of latency. Usually, with online open-world games, the server would get overloaded and the game might be unresponsive, hence if the developers were to go in on the multiplayer approach, we do hope that they would do us a solid and include regional servers as well.


what to expect hogwarts legacy other houses


More Emphasis On The Other Houses


There is no argument that Gryffindor and Slytherin are the two most talked-about houses in both the books and the previous Harry Potter games.

We get that the two houses have important figures in them and their opposing values make for good TV but we would like to see some love for Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff as well.

One suggestion we would like to include is perhaps players can go on a mission that is storied around either Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff which would unveil more about both houses’ backgrounds.

Plus, we hope that they don’t do Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff dirty in snubbing them of new and awesome characters because they really do need a few more instead of just having Newt Scamander or Luna Lovegood.


what to expect hogwarts legacy reference to movies


References Relating Back to the Main Series


Based on the trailer, there is no indication that there will be characters from the main Harry Potter series.

Although we respect that the writers might want to start on a clean state and would just want to use the setting that Harry Potter and his friends traversed back in the day, we sure hope that they wouldn’t retcon the entire thing.

The Harry Potter books are famed for their amazing foreshadowing abilities. Like how Harry is able to speak with snakes and open the Chamber of Secrets are evidence of how a part of Voldemort is part of Harry, living inside him.

Therefore, we do wish that they would retain certain elements from the movies and books or even foreshadowing of characters that would be significant to the main storyline.


Interested to know more about the wizarding world? The full Harry Potter series can be purchased on Google Play with some Google Play Gift Cards here!



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