What We Want to See In Kingdom Hearts 4

What We Want to See In Kingdom Hearts 4


The Kingdom Hearts collection of games has been seen by many as one of the greatest JRPGs in the industry. Combining two gigantic franchises in Disney and Final Fantasy has proven to be hugely successful—to a point where the Kingdom Hearts franchise has developed into a cult following of sorts.

Either way, the Kingdom Hearts franchise is deserving of all its success and has itself defined a genre and naturally, we were all extremely stoked when the announcement trailer for Kingdom Hearts 4 was released.

And with a franchise of this magnitude, the upcoming game will also definitely be packed with high expectations. So here are some of our takes and what we want to see included in Kingdom Hearts 4.


Cross Platform Kingdom Hearts 4


Cross-Platform Support


For the longest time, the Kingdom Hearts games have been SONY platform exclusives, meaning if you don’t own a SONY console, you won’t be able to play Kingdom Hearts. As such, there are many of us who didn’t have the opportunity to play the KH games when we were kids.

And as luck would have it, the previous KH games finally made their way to Epic Games Store and users worldwide can finally purchase the games on their PC—better late than never right!

However, there’s no news as to whether Kingdom Hearts 4 will be available for the PC and we’re all keeping our fingers crossed as we do hope that we can enjoy KH4 on our gaming PC rather than having to buy a Sony console.

And although this might seem far-fetched, we also do hope that owners of other consoles like the Xbox or Nintendo Switch will also get to play this titular title if possible.


Final Fantasy Characters Kingdom Hearts 4


More Final Fantasy Characters Added


Kingdom Hearts 3 had many memorable moments; it had some of the most interesting worlds like San Fransokyo from Big Hero 6 and Arendelle from Frozen. While it had introduced a whole new cast of Disney characters, we were pretty disappointed there weren’t any Final Fantasy included.

Lucky for Square Enix, here’s their chance to remedy our disappointment. In Kingdom Hearts 4, not only would we want to see recurring Final Fantasy characters like Cloud, Zack and Sephiroth, we would also hope to witness other Final Fantasy characters who have yet to take the stage in the KH universe.

Final Fantasy characters that we want to see are like Kefka Palazzo which would make a great additional antagonist to the franchise. His twisted personality combined with his enigmatic character design rivals even Maleficent and Hades. A darker twist to the KH plot might just be the trick to spice things up a little.

As far as protagonists go, how can we forget the suave-looking Noctis that is loved by many. Having already made an appearance in Tekken 7, Noctis is no stranger to games outside of his native Final Fantasy and having him added to the KH roster is something we are definitely looking forward to!


New Worlds Destiny Island Kingdom Hearts 4


New Worlds that Are Not From Disney


While this might be a hot take, it is no stranger to some. Sure, we would love to see more Disney Worlds added into the franchise like Coco or Inside Out but it would be great to see the game branch out of its normal setting.

However, it has been a long time since there are any new/original world added to the KH franchise. As we have very much enjoyed the world of the Pridelands and Neverland, we have all equally enjoyed worlds like Destiny Island and Traverse Town.

These places were original, unique and had a sense of belonging in the KH universe with its otherworldly design—where everything is out of the ordinary yet fits perfectly well with the environment.

We understand that the KH plot has already reached such a deep stage that it would be difficult for the creators to come up with a brand new place as there will always be criticisms of retconning but we trust that it is a risk that Square Enix should take for creativity.


Harder Difficulty Kingdom Hearts 4


Make Harder Difficulties More Difficult


We get that video games are mainly used for entertainment and relaxation but many gamers out there get their joy and satisfaction from challenging games.

Frankly speaking, the recent KH games have been much easier compared to their earlier instalments due to the sheer amount of options available—be it combat or quality of life.

With so many options, the recent KH games—notably Kingdom Hearts 3—have proven to be a little too easy due to Sora’s insane combat capabilities, even on the hardest difficulty; Critical Mode.

Of course, KH isn’t a game like Dark Souls or Elden Ring which prides itself on being excruciatingly difficult but taking away the challenge in a game can cause it to be mundane, lowering its replayability and completionists might not feel as accomplished compared to previous KH games.

What we recommend is that the other difficulty modes remain as is and we feel that the ultimate difficulty—Critical Mode—should have some tweaks to make the game not so much a breeze.


There is no certainty as to whether Kingdom Hearts 4 will be arriving for either the PC or other platforms, but what we do know is that it will definitely be available for the PlayStation consoles. When the time comes, be sure that your PSN account has enough funds for the game, if not, you can top up your account with our PlayStation Store gift cards here!