What We Want to See in Tekken 8

Tekken 7 is easily one of the most popular fighting games out there. It has a standing legacy due to its rich and diverse set of characters. Over time, the game has even developed into an outstanding esports title that is usually the main highlight of EVO tournaments.

With that being said, Tekken 7 isn’t by all means perfect. The game has its own flaws one of them being that the game has been around for a really long time. Tekken 7 is rarely updated and many of us have been vying for a sequel—a total revamp of the game at least.

And lo and behold, Tekken 8 has been confirmed! Although we do know not of the release date, the Tekken 8 trailer is already good enough to give us goosebumps! While we’re trying to straighten our thoughts, here are some of our expectations for the much anticipated Tekken 8!


Crosspplay Tekken 8


The Availability of Crossplay

We’ve mentioned that Tekken 7 is one of the most popular fighting games out there but there is one major problem that has been an ongoing issue for its players. Most of the time, matchmaking takes forever and for higher-ranked matches, getting a game seems impossible.

This is actually a common problem among many other esports games and many of them have solved it by enabling crossplay across multiple platforms. FIFA has done it this year and Tekken should be doing it as well.

By enabling crossplay, players will get to match with players from different platforms, making match searches significantly easier. As such, players will no longer need to be stuck in the “searching match” mode for a good 15-20 minutes.


Other Character Lore Tekken 8


More Focus on Other Character’s Lores


It is common knowledge that the Tekken franchise focuses more on the Mishima characters as they have been the main legacy of the game. Honestly, we love the Mishima lore and their characters are easily one of the most developed ones among fighting games.

However, the Tekken universe has many other characters that are really interesting as well. For instance, the recently added Leroy Smith and Claudio Serafino are all pretty unique characters to work on.

That said, we would still want to see the Mishima story being developed further and what is the actual fate of Heihachi. It’s just that it would be even better if other characters will have some role in the storyline as well!


Nerfs and Buffs Tekken 8


Better Balancing with Nerfs and Buffs


Like with all esports games, balancing is very important. Frankly speaking, Tekken 7 did an awesome job with this but we think they can do better for the sequel.

Characters like Akuma, Feng and Julia should definitely see some nerfs as their toolkits are way too versatile with minimal risks. On the other hand, characters like Dragunov and Asuka should be given more options as they are severely lacking in firepower.

Other than that, we’re also looking forward to the new characters they will be bringing in and hopefully, these new characters will be optimised for balanced gameplay.


Tag Team Tekken 8


A Return of the Tag Team Format


This is perhaps an unexpected expectation because a return to the tag team format can be a bit drastic for the professional scene.

Instead, we suggest making the tag team format a separate mode where players who want a breather from the classic 1-1 matches. Of course, when it comes to tourneys, the tag team format can be used for exhibition matches as they are so flashy and action-driven.

And if we are fortunate enough to get this mode on Tekken 8, we do hope that there will be a decent tutorial for it. This is because many players began their Tekken journey from 7 where the tag team mode is absent.


Disconnect Punishment Tekken 8


Penalty for Intentional Disconnects


There’s nothing more demotivating than having someone disconnect whenever they are about to lose a match. Not only does the winning player get nothing from the match but also the perpetrator technically gets away scot-free.

Currently, the penalty for abandoning a game before the match ends will result you in getting fewer coins for your next couple of matches. The problem here is that coins matter very little in Tekken as they are mostly just used to purchase character cosmetics. Consequently, this allows rage-quitters to continue on a rampant spree of abandoning games.

Hopefully, in Tekken 8, the punishment will be much harsher for the culprits. What we recommend is perhaps a matchmaking timeout for players who intentionally leave a match that they are losing. It is definitely better for the community then.

Well, that pretty much marks the end of our expectations for Tekken 8. We’re keeping our fingers crossed and if you want to enjoy Tekken 7 ‘till 8 is released, be sure to purchase it using our Steam Wallet Codes here!