What We Want to See in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Ever since the blossom of the FromSoftware soulslike games, more and more games have tried to replicate their success and if we are being honest, there isn’t much that can reach their standards.

That said, we do still encourage new and different studios to attempt to make games of this genre, as more variety and competition would also mean better quality games. This time, there’s a new contender in the ring called Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

The moment we saw the trailer, there were many questions that are begging to be asked. Of course, most of the leaks and rumours about the game are all speculations but nevertheless, the game promises a lot. As players ourselves, we do have our own expectations and here are some things we would really want to see in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

So here’s what we would love to see included in this exciting new game!


Stay True to the Three Kingdoms Lore

three kingdoms lore


The Three Kingdoms’ historical story and lore are one of the most iconic in China. It has seen various adaptations and luckily many of them do respect the source material in their games.

Since Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty would be based on the end of the Han dynasty, we do hope they’ll do the story right and retain important parts of the lore. Iconic events such as the Battle of Red Cliff and Wuzhang Plains should retain their identities.

Plus, we would also love it if Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty would include notable characters from the Three Kingdoms as well. Heroes like Liu Bei, Zhang Fei and Guan Yu should have some influence on the game and it’d be great to see their adaptations in this gritty-looking game.


Choice of Difficulty

difficulty wo long


This is probably a controversial take as most souls fans enjoy the exclusivity of beating a game that is unforgivingly hard. Even so, we do feel that giving casual players a better time at the game would help the genre flourish more as it’ll make the game more accessible.

As such, we would love it if the game would provide a difficulty option or setting for its players to choose from. We’ve seen it in most games nowadays like God of War and Forspoken, where players who mainly want to enjoy the story would prefer an easier gameplay experience.

Of course, this is not to demean any Souls enthusiasts out there. We still hope that the game will have the original Souls experience where almost anything in the game would kill you. It’s just that we need to show some love to the little guys that are here for the plot and impressiveness.


Unique Boss Fights and Fewer Generic Enemies

bosses wo long


Boss battles are arguably the most important element in the Souls genre. It is the intricacies and complexity of the boss design that make Souls bosses so appealing. Sure, they may be difficult, but the satisfaction from defeating them is amazing.

Hopefully, the bosses in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, have the same amount of uniqueness–or more—like Sekiro and Dark Souls. We really want the bosses to have special quirks to their moves which makes things interesting when it comes to reading them.

This fact also applies to the generic enemies as well. We don’t just want to see reskinned enemies. Make the normal enemies different based on the stage they are on and how they react to your attacks.


Character Customisation

character customisation


When it comes to character customisation, there are several Souls game that comes to mind. Some good examples are Code Vein, Elden Ring and Dark Souls. These titles have a really great character creation model which makes the main character more personalised.

Right now, all we know is that the player will be playing as a ground soldier, which means that there is no chance we will be playing as a huge figure from the Three Kingdoms story. This is a blessing because it also means we can potentially build our own soldier the way we like.

From the looks of it, it would also seem like we won’t be able to choose a specific class/job like in Elden Ring as we are, in fact, just a normal soldier. Still, we do hope that we get to have some form of control over our character stats and design. It makes the character more in line with our preferences and how we like to approach the game.


Proper Performance Optimisation

Performance optimisation


This is actually a serious matter. We’ve seen how notable titles like Cyberpunk 2077 and Pokemon Scarlet/Violet be criticised due to their poor optimisation upon launch. Running the game at a low FPS even with a decent gaming rig is certainly a killjoy.

Thus, it is important that the developers ensure that the game is stable in performance and that the required specs to run the game are properly optimised. We understand if there might a couple of minor bugs but not being to run the game smoothly is unacceptable.

Hopefully, KOEI would not let us down in this department. It’s super annoying to play through this gorgeous game with the annoyance of micro stutters and lag spikes. If present, it might ruin the whole experience and can even force gameplay mistakes out of players that are fatal in a Souls game.

And there we have it! These are some small things we hope to see included in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty as we patiently await its arrival. This game will be available on the Xbox consoles, so you might want to add some funds to it with our Xbox Gift Card here!