What You Should Focus on for FIFA 22 Late Game

FIFA 2022’s late game is a lot of fun, and with FIFA and EA splitting, you may never experience the likes of the traditional FIFA that you know and love again. In this article, we’re going to focus on the late game and what you can do to maximize your experience.

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Keep Looking Out for Objectives

You can spend a ton of money buying packs to get players, or if you have time, you can hunt down objectives to get free Team of the Season players. If this is your first time hearing of this, Team of the Season (TOTS) are the best players from all leagues in a given season.

Players can get TOTS tickets in two main ways:

  1. Player daily skill games
  2. Completing objectives

You can also get league-specific points by completing PvE matches or partaking in some of the VSA/H2H matches in the game. And there are a few other means of getting tickets and securing the best players from leagues.

However, we find that objectives are the easiest ways to get TOTS.

Browse through objectives, complete them and work on building the best team that you can. Over time, you may want to bring other strategies into the mix to get even more TOTS and build out a great team. If you’re willing to put in the time and effort into completing objectives, you won’t have to spend a lot of money loading up on Team of the Season players.

In fact, our next point is one of the best ways to maximize your FIFA 2022 experience by doing more in less time.


Try to Find Objectives and Milestones that You Can Complete Together

You’ll want to keep a close eye on all of the Objectives and Milestones in the game. 


While most of the time, objectives and milestones will not align with each other, there are rare occasions when they do. For example, if you’re a player that is short on time or trying to build up your squad, we cannot stress combining objectives and milestones together enough.

The idea is simple:

  • Use a specific squad that meets both criteria
  • Play fewer overall matches to complete missions


Over time, you’ll find that you’ll learn which objectives are easier to complete and can help you in the end game. While it may not be the most fun aspect of the game, objectives can really help you stock up in the end game and build a team that you can be confident sending out against other high-end players.


Start Going for Icon Players

Icon swaps are going to be the easiest way for you to stock up on Icon players. Late game squads truly need to make use of swaps because they allow you to complete in-game objectives and earn a lot of tokens in the process.

If you ask any end game player how they get Icon Players, most will mention swaps.

Swaps require you to:

  • Earn tokens
  • Exchange tokens to get legendary players


You’ll need to have icons and legendary players on your team when facing off against other end game squads. These players help you get on an even footing with these teams so that you have a fighting chance of beating them.

If your team is lacking icon players, you’ll have a difficult time competing against top players even if you’re highly skilled.

Sometimes, icon players make or break a game. 

However, you need to keep a close eye on when new icon swaps come out. If you don’t use swaps, you’ll need to use coins and some players demand a ton of coins. For example, Ruud Gullit demanded over 2.85 million coins on the market.

It’s much better to spend your time going after star players because they can be real difference-makers in the game.


Always Keep an Eye on the Transfer List

The Transfer List is essentially a digital auction-based marketplace. Players can buy and sell FUT items, like club items, consumables and player cards. You can find some great deals on the Transfer List, especially for promo players. 

Squad Building Challenges typically require Team of the Weeks, and the Transfer List is a great place to grab these players. 

When using the marketplace, you can bid or use the buy now button to buy at the listed price. We recommend using the FIFA Companion App to keep track of your bids or Transfer List activities.


Squad Building Challenges Are Still Viable Late Game

Don’t overlook Squad Building Challenges, or SBCs, in the late game. During Team of the Season, there will be plenty of SBCs that you’ll want to try. Even Player of the Month cards, which aren’t always great cards, can be used as fodders for SBCs.

What is SBC Fodder?

SBC fodders are the cards that you have with a rating over 84 or higher. When playing, you’ll need to leverage these cards to take on the more difficult squad building challenges.

And if you don’t wind up using all of your fodder on SBCs, there will be plenty of other players who will be. That will drive up the price of fodder right after the release of SBCs. Keep an eye out for these price jumps because you may be able to sell into them.


Save your Hard-Earned Packs and Open them When Late Game Cards are Released

Instead of opening your FUT packs right away, hold onto them for now. Remember that late game and Team of the Seasons cards are released in batches. So, hold onto your packs until your desired cards are released to increase the chances of getting them.


11 Tips to Maximize Gameplay Against Top Teams 

There’s plenty to focus on in FIFA 22, but let’s not forget about gameplay. Use these tips to maximize your game against the top teams.


1. Use Skill Moves

There are always skill moves that are overpowered. Figure out what they are, and use them to your advantage. In FIFA 22, there are four new tricks: Scoop Turn Fake, Skilled Bridge, First-Time Spin and Four-Touch Turn. There are plenty of five-star skill moves, too, like Elastico, Hocus Pocus, Advanced Rainbow and more. Skill moves give you an advantage on the field, so use them.


2. Keep Grinding

Practice makes perfect. Like any other game, FIFA 22 isn’t easy to master. Keep grinding and learning from your mistakes. The more time you put into the game, the better your skills will be. Only through grinding can you learn what works and doesn’t work. 


3. Wait Until After the Weekend to Buy Ultimate Team Players

If you’re looking to buy Ultimate Team players, wait until after the weekend when prices are the cheapest. Prices will rise during the week, so hold out until Monday to buy players. 


4. Mind the Gap

It’s tempting to pull a defensive player out early on to try and press the ball. But when you make this move, you’re leaving a lot of open space – open space that your opponent will take advantage of. 

We all want to run in and get a jumpstart on the game, but patience is key. Think about each step you want to take, and mind the gap. If you do leave an opening for the opposing team, make sure that you have a plan to deal with it.


5. Practice Passing and Trigger Runs

Passing and running will get the ball up the field faster. So, start with the basics and master passing before you start moving on to more complicated strategies. The rondo will help you improve your passing skills and improve your game in general.

In FIFA 22, you can use L1/LB to trigger runs. Once you make a pass, run. It sounds like a no-brainer – and it is – but passing and sprinting are two skills that need to be mastered to improve your game. And you need to know who to trigger, too. Triggering a run on the wrong player could leave you short a player and make it harder to score.


6. Avoid Using a Through-Ball in Penalty Areas

You may be tempted to use a through-ball for various occasions, but one area to avoid using this technique is the penalty area. There’s no denying that a through-ball offers you some of the best-looking gameplay possible, but it’s just a risky technique in the penalty area and in the final third.

Ideally, you’ll use a through-ball to make as much space as possible on the field.

Sure, this may seem like a simple tactic to master, but there are far too many players that worry about their gameplay looking good rather than it being effective.


7. Watch Professionals Pay

Professionals are out there, showing off their skills on a daily basis. However, a lot of people just don’t want to spend the time dissecting the gameplay of these pros. If you want a shortcut to enhancing your game, you’ll want to watch the pros play.


Professionals show off the game’s mechanics and how to use them to your advantage.

If you want to uncover the most effective tactic available, also called META, watching the pros play is a good option. Professionals help you uncover shortcuts to being a better player, faster.


8. Learn Through Losing

One of the best pieces of advice we’ve ever received about playing FIFA is that you need to lose to learn how to win. A lot of gamers rage out when they lose and never look at how their opponent won, this is one of the worst ways to really become a great player.

Instead, you must learn through losing.

Every loss is an opportunity to learn:

  • New gameplay strategies and how to overcome them
  • Team weaknesses that must be addressed to overcome good opponents
  • New ways on how to score
  • Formations that you can use in the future to win games


Losing is never fun, but when you lose, it’s a major opportunity to improve. Spend some time researching why you lost your last game and see what lessons can be learned in the process.


9. Add in Squad Battles and Objectives

We’ve talked about squad battles and objectives in the past, but it’s a concept that you really must master. There is an expensive way to play FIFA and a fun way. Squad battles and objectives are two of the key ways to get coins and tokens rapidly.

Squad battles allow you to earn rewards that you can trade, and this has obvious benefits, too.

If you’re just reaching the end game or you’re just starting, you should never neglect your objectives tab because it is the key to getting coins and packs.


10. Play Against Better Players

It’s easy to play against lower players that you can easily dominate because it’s fun. Everyone likes to be slightly overpowered and to have an easy time destroying other players. But if you only play easy players, you’re going to stagnate your growth as a player.

So, what should you do?

Play against players that are slightly better than you are. The best players in the world have lost and won against hundreds of players. If you’re not pushing yourself to play new players, adapt and learn from their gameplay, you’ll never become a great player.


11. Stop Sprinting Without a Reason

All too often it’s tempting to sprint when there’s no reason to sprint.  Sprinting the entire time often leads to mistakes and losing the ball. Instead, you need to take it slow and strategize to win games.

If no one is around and you can safely run to the net, do it.

However, if you find yourself holding the sprint button the entire game, you’re making a core mistake that doesn’t allow you to make the best play possible.

Finally, if you want to really master FIFA 22, you’ll want to watch more gameplay and streamers on YouTube and Twitch. A lot of great players are streaming their games, showing advanced strategies and how to leverage your team to dominate the competition. Either that or get some PSN Cards to boost your gameplay from OffGamers here.