What’s New in Fortnite August 2021?

Fortnite‘s latest update comes with a bunch of new goodies and characters. It also fixes some other bugs and issues that have been plaguing players for a while.

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What’s New in Fortnite August 2021?

The latest Fortnite update (v17.30) features new characters, new events, new team brawls and more. Fortnite Creative is also getting some attention with some new updates and customization options.

Here’s what’s new in Fortnite this month.


New Characters: Cammy and Guile

August brings two new characters to the Item Shop: Street Fighter’s Cammy and Guile. Guile and Cammy both come with their original Street Fighter II gear, but you can also buy new outfits and back bling.

The Glistening Guile variant comes with the K.O. back bling. Cammy’s variant is Tactical Cammy, which puts the character in a crop top and camo pants. This variant comes with the Borealis Backer back bling.

You can grab these characters for 1,600 V-Bucks each.

If you want to get your hands on both characters, you can grab the Cammy and Guile Bundle that includes both back blings and outfits. It also includes the Round 2 Loading Screen.

If you’re mainly interested in gear, you can grab the Cammy and Guile Gear Bundle. With this bundle you’ll get:

  • The Delta Red Bowie Blade Pickaxe
  • Knuckle Buster Pickaxe
  • V-Trigger Vector Glide


You can also buy each item individually for 800 V-Bucks each.

The addition of Cammy and Guile marks Epic Games’ second collaboration with Street Fighter.


New Team Brawl LTM

The new Team Brawl LTM was released on August 5th, and it’s only going to be around for a limited time. No end date has been released as of yet.

The goal of Team Brawl is to compete with your teammates and be the first to hit 60 eliminations. To get the party started, you skip the skydiving and quickly hit the ground after respawning. Each time you respawn, you get a new loadout.

Team Brawls take place on a single POI, and all non-player buildings are fortified.

If you’re on the losing team, you do get an advantage. Your enemies will be visible behind walls and marked in your view. These effects expire once you start closing in on the lead.


New Weapon

Fortnite’s new update also includes a new weapon – The Grab-Itron gun. You’re going to want to grab this piece of gear if you can. Use it to pull objects to you and fling them at other players. And yes, physics do apply.

Sure, you can throw a vehicle at someone and do some massive damage. But you won’t be able to throw it far. The bigger the object, the more damage it does. The material will also play a role in how far and how hard the object hits. If you want, you can hit the reload button to rotate the object.

You can get your hands on a Grab-Itron from a chest, inside the Mothership or on top of Abductors.


Fortnite Creative Update

Fortnite’s creative update includes lots of fun new things, including:


The Skydome is a device you can use to illuminate your island. The dome replaces the island skybox and can be customized to your liking.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Blend colour gradients to create vibrant, unique skies
  • Change the properties of your sun or moon
  • Use triggers to switch between Skydomes


The Skydome is a fun addition, and Epic Games plans to add more features soon.

To use the Skydome:

  • While in Build mode, press tab to enter the Creative Inventory screen.
  • Click Devices or use the Search to find the Skydome.
  • Choose “Place Now” or add the device to your Quick Bar to place it later.
  • Head back to your island and use your phone’s position to place the device.


You can do a lot of things with this device. You can choose the colour and light source, but you can also add and adjust stars and fog. All of these options let you create the perfect atmosphere for your game.


Wildlife Spawner

Fortnite Creative is finally getting some wildlife, but this update is so much more than just adding a few animals. You’ll also be able to:

  • Hunt
  • Tame
  • Bait
  • Control animals


For now, the Wildlife Spawner will spawn wolves, raptors, frogs, chickens and boars. To tame them, you’ll need bait, and each type of animal requires a specific bait.

To get the Wildlife Spawner:

  • Enter Build Mode, and press the Tab key to open the Creative Inventory menu.
  • Click “Devices” and scroll to find the spawner, or use the Search option to find it.
  • Choose “Place Now” to place the device right now, or you can add it to your Quick Bar to place it later on.
  • Once you’re back in Build mode on your island, you can use your phone to position your new device and click to place it.


You can choose the type of animal and how many you want to spawn. You can also set the total number of animals to spawn and how much health it will have.


Customizable Lights

The Customizable Light device allows you to change the ambience of your experience. Choose from a range of different effects and colours. You can even switch between different types of lights – spotlights, point lights and more.

Just be mindful of other players when you’re playing with the customizable light option. Some people are sensitive to flashing colours and lights, so keep this in mind when placing and customizing lights.

Lights can add to the ambience of your games and set the scene.


Matchmaking Portal for Private Matches

A new matchmaking portal device has also been added, and this allows you to create private games in addition to joining public games.

Here are your options:

  • Private only: The portal will always put you into a private game.
  • Public only: The portal will always put you into public games.
  • Player choice: You decide whether to join a public or private game.


More updates will be coming to the Matchmaking Portal soon.

To use the portal:

  • Head over to the Creative inventory screen while you’re in Build mode.
  • Choose Devices and search for the portal or use the search box to find it.
  • Choose Place Now to put it down immediately, or add it to your Quick Bar to place it later.


The portal will transport players from one island to the next, and you can even create a game that goes across multiple islands. The portal is very useful, and it can even be used to transport players to all of your islands and display your creations.


Gallery and Prefab Updates

Some new Invasion Galleries were added, including more than 150 props, graffiti and nature. The Elemental Cube Gallery also got a new variation of Slurp water.

Also, some of the skins now react to music, which adds a new element to the game.



Just ahead of Superman’s appearance in Chapter 2 Season 7 Battle Pass, Bloodsport has made its way into Fortnite

Right now, you can get your hands on the Bloodsport Outfit as well as Starro Specimen Back Bling – and the rat that found its way into his backpack. Along with this, you’ll also get four sprays:

  • It’s Peacemaker
  • Springing Harley
  • He’s a Shark
  • I’m a Superhero


You can get the ARGUS Sabre Pickaxe separately as well as the Bloodsport Camo Wrap.

Picky Sicky Harley Quinn is also dropping with Bloodsport. If you already have Rebirth Harley, you’ll automatically get the Picky Sicky update.


Save the World Update

The Hit the Road Venture season is well underway, and now is a good time to collect season rewards before it’s too late. Remember – the season ends September 4, so get moving if you haven’t already.

Here’s what you need to know:


Cloaked Star Hits the Road Part 2

Cloaked Star is back at the Radio Station to broadcast Part 2 of the Song of Summer. A few modifiers will be available during the week:

  • Quickened: When damaged, enemies get a speed boost.
  • Melee Life Leech: Melee heals for a percentage of the damage dealt.
  • Ricochet Modifier: A percentage of ranged damage is reflected back at players.
  • Light Swings: Melee attacks are faster.


It’s worth it to complete the Cloaked Star Hits the Road Part 2 because it will unlock Thunder Thora, a Constructor Hero with a Viking warrior vibe.

Thunder Thora’s standard perk is Electrified Floors. Any enemies standing on B.A.S.E.-affected structures will take 12.7 damage every five seconds.

The Commander Perk increases this damage to 38.1.


Tales from Beyond Questline

Complete the Tales From Beyond questline to unlock Paleo Luna, a Ninja Hero with a dinosaur-inspired style.

Luna’s Standard Perk is Saurian Claws, which adds 3% of your current health to your melee damage. The Commander Perk increases this percentage to 9%.


Quinn Hits The Road Part 3

Quinn is also making her way back to the Radio Station to broadcast the third part of her Song of the Summer. During this final week, a few modifiers will be active:

  • Husk Heartiness: Boosts the health of husks.
  • Shields Up!: Sheilds regenerate faster.
  • Healing Deathburst: Killing Husks heals nearby enemies.


Completing the questline will earn you Tickets, Gold and the Hit the Road loading screen.


Gamora Hits the Item Shop

Epic Games announced that Gamora will finally hit the Item Shop on August 14 at 8 PM EST. Gamora is the last Zen-Whoberian and an ex-Guardian of the Galaxy member. She joins the fight to save Fortnite Island from invaders.

Gamora will drop alongside Star-Lord.

You can grab the entire bundle, which includes:

  • Godslayer Glideboard
  • Cloak Back Bling
  • Godslayer Pickaxe


Those who compete in the Gamora Cup on August 11 wins the Gamora Outfit and the Gamora Cloak Back Bling as well as a chance to get Gamora early.

For three hours, Duo partners play to earn as many points as possible in 10 games. The top teams in each region received the bundle.

At this point, Drax is the only one missing from the Guardians.


Ariana Grande Rift Tour Concert

Ariana Grande arrived at Fortnite for the Rift Tour event. The event included several fun minigames and new settings. Players also got to play as Ariana herself as she performed some of her top songs. The show received high praise both from players and streamers. It’s a complete experience that you just can’t get with a live show.

The event started with players dropping onto a huge rainbow slide, where they could pick up different powers along the way and speed things up. Next, everyone was transported to a stuffed bear, where they bounced around until a crystal monster appeared and transported players to an airplane to shoot down the monster.

While all of this was going on, Ariana’s songs were playing in the background.

After fading to black, players found themselves in a Greek temple with the in-game version of Ariana singing continuing her performance. Players enjoyed the show by flying around in massive bubbles and on unicorns.

Players can still grab Ariana’s outfit and other cosmetic items, like her Piggy Smalls back bling, in the Item Shop. And if you want to rewatch the Rift Tour gameplay, click here!


The Slurpy Swamp Scramble

Fortnite’s new update adds an in-game event during which the Mothership abducts entire POIs. Slurpy Swamp was the first location to be hit.


The Takeaway

Fortnite’s August update brings many new events, games and characters. Make sure that you’re watching streamers on YouTube and Twitch for pointers and tips on how to up your game as well as playthroughs and updates.

If you haven’t played Fortnite yet, what are you waiting for? It’s one of the top 10 best iOS Apps to get through the pandemic and one of the top mobile games out there.



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