Where to Get Free PC Games in 2020

If you’re a gamer, you’re used to only getting free PC games if they’re being tested. But a lot of companies are offering free video games for users. These aren’t just indie games; you can get some of the best games for free in 2020.

Where can you get free games?

9 Best Sites for Free PC Games


1. Steam

If you’re a PC gamer, chances are, you’ve heard of Steam. There are a lot of free options and promotions on the platform. You’re going to want to take a look at these two links on a daily basis:

Steam itself makes it easy to find games that are available to play for free. These games are listed on the site, and we’ve included a link above for you to use. This is going to be your main source for free games, and it’s recommended that you check back often to see if new games are added.

Steam DB is a massive database of all of the top free or promotional games going on right now. What I really like about this platform, and I’ve listed a link above for your own use, is that all of these free promotions are listed on a daily basis.

You’ll be able to find when the promotion starts and when it ends as well as all of the new promotions that are available.

If you are looking for a few Steam games to buy, here’s a great list of the top Steam games in 2020. Additionally, you could even buy a Steam gift card on the cheap sometimes and end up saving an extra few bucks.

epic free games

2. Epic Games

Epic’s Free Games is going to be one of your best resources for free PC games. The epic store has new games that are given away every week, and you’ll even find exclusive offers on the site.

There are a lot of great games that are available for free, but you have to snatch them up quickly because the free offerings usually last for about a week.

Some of the games that are free at the time of writing this article, including:

  • Killing Floor 2
  • Lifeless Planet
  • The Escapist 2
  • Hue

Epic’s store couldn’t handle all of the traffic that came to it in May of 2020 when the platform offered GTA5 for free. The promotion offered one of the top AAA games in the world for free.

ubisoft free events

3. Ubisoft

Ubisoft Free Events provides two main options to get games for free. The platform offers:

  • Free game giveaways
  • Game trials

The events typically support indie games, but you also find a few games that are more popular giving away for free. You’ll want to check back every week or two to get free games to play.

microsoft free games

4. Microsoft

Microsoft has their own, top free games section that offers dozens of free games for you to download. You’ll also find free demos to try new games, and there are robust reviews provided for each game.

You might not think of Microsoft as a major gaming store, but they have a lot of different options to see:

  • Best-selling games
  • Most popular games
  • Best rated games
  • New and rising games

When you use the Microsoft platform, not only will you be able to find free games, but you’ll also be able to find a lot of top tier games if you’re looking to spend some money or use one of your gift cards.

ea free games

5. EA

Electronic Arts has their own list of free-to-play games available. You’ll be able to find free games for your mobile, PC and console. You could choose from a variety of games, including:

  • Apex Legends
  • Rivals
  • Warfriends 4
  • UFC
  • Need for Speed No Limits
  • Bejeweled Stars
  • Plants & Zombies 2
  • Sim City Build It

Since EA has such a massive library of games, you can always look forward to free games being added to the list. There are a lot of mobile games available, too. While this may not be a free PC game, you’ll still find that they’re a lot of fun to play.

Keep in mind that there’s a Coming Soon tab that also includes the games that the company is planning to release in the coming months.

While all of the releases may not be free, it’s always nice to be able to see which games are scheduled to be released.

gog free games

6. Good Old Games

Good Old Games, GOG, is a company owned by the developers of The Witcher 3 – CD Projekt Red. I recommend that you download their loader, but you can also just go to the site listed above and see all of the games that are available for free.

What you’ll find is a lot of games that are available starting from 1990 – 2020.

You’ll be able to find a lot of great classic games as well as a lot of great newer games available for free.

There are dozens of games available for free, and all you have to do is add them to your launcher and allow them to download. Using the GOG Galaxy launcher, it’s easy to find and claim new games every day of the week.

GOG is a great platform and has carved out their own market by offering DRM-free games. Check back often to see if new games have been added to the free list and also be sure to check out the seasonal sales that have extremely steep discounts.

origin free games

7. Origin

Origin has a very short list of free games that continually change. What you’ll find on this platform is that there are free games for PC and Mac. A lot of the platforms that we’ve listed do not offer free Mac games, so this is a nice addition if you do have a Mac sitting around your house.

There are only three free games available right now, and they include:

  • Apex Legends
  • Star Wars the Old Republic
  • Command and Conquer: Tiberium Alliances

You can get free PC games on the platform, and you’ll also find some great discounted games during random sales. There is currently a 75% discount on racing and sports games. You can use Origin’s sort and filtering functions to narrow down your choices to find the games that you want to play.

itch.io free games

8. Itch.io

Itch.io is going to should be one of your best resources if you’re looking for hundreds of free games for download. What I like about this platform, personally, is that there are over 250,000 free games available. The platform allows you to upload your own games if you’re a developer, so you will find a ton of indie games on this platform.

While you won’t find any of the AAA games that I was talking about earlier that you’ll find on the Epic game store, you will find a ton of games in the following genres:

  • Adventure
  • Horror
  • Atmospheric
  • Single player
  • First-person
  • 3D
  • Short
  • Many more

Filters and sorting are two of the most powerful features to narrow down the games on this platform. You can search by when the games were added, including games that were added in the last day, in the last week and in the last month. You can also choose by platform, which includes:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • Web

indiegamesbundle free

9. Indie Game Bundles

Indie Game Bundles is a bit different because you get free games from across the Internet. You’ll find a lot of games and platforms that we already listed included in these free bundles, and you’ll also find:

  • Free Steam keys
  • Free multiplayer beta
  • Other freebies

When you go in the platform, they will have new posts listed that include the free games from many different platforms. For example, they have a free games list right now for Twitch Prime members. These games are available to only Prime members, and it’s hard to find them unless you’re really looking for them.

Indie Game Bundles is a lot different than the other platforms because the owners put a lot of time in reviewing the games that are available. For example, one of the free games on the Epic store right now is listed and it includes a lot of information about this game that you probably don’t know about unless you’ve played it.

This information includes:

  • Starter access that explains what’s available and what rewards are available.
  • How the game uses AI and real player ghosts to play against.
  • How often the game is updated and what content is already available.
  • How you would progress through the game as a new player.

call of duty warzone

Why It’s Good to Play Free Games

Free video games allow you to do a lot of things you wouldn’t do otherwise. I know a few of the games that I love the most were free, so I gave them a try and I wouldn’t have if they were purchased games. I normally like to stick to the same genres when I’m playing games, so it’s always good to enhance your experience with free games.

Free games allow you to:

Try new genres to expand your gaming preferences. A lot of new games, including a lot of 2D games that are available. I normally wouldn’t try these games, but when they are free, you have nothing to lose. Free games allow you to try new genres and expand the genres that you normally play without any risk of losing money.

Support Indie developers. Indie developers spend a lot of time and resources trying to build up their games. The first few users can make the difference between failing and the developer deciding that people like their game and to continue developing. When you try free games, especially indie games, you’re offering your support to developers that can truly use it. Some of these developers may ask for donations, but they will also enjoy you telling others and sharing their games with others so that they can continue to develop new, innovative games.

Meet new friends to play with. A lot of MMOs or free video games, and these platforms include thousands of players that you can get to know and become friends with. If you’re looking for games that are social, these are going to be a great way to meet new people and have fun playing a video game.

You can get free video games on the many resources that we listed above, but you’ll also find a lot of different sites offering free titles. You can add these different sites into a feedreader, or you could also add them to one of your phone’s apps so that you can quickly see which new free games have been added to these sites.

Following the social media accounts of these platforms is also a great idea. A lot of these social media accounts will announce when new games are going to be released, and they allow you to keep on top of the industry if you’re a hardcore gamer that wants free video games to play.

You can get free games every day of the week, and it’s very unlikely that you’ll ever be able to go through all of them.

Of course, a mix of free and paid games is the best way to build up your gaming library. Paid games provide assurance that the games will be updated and maintained, while free games provide unique, new game mechanics that most big developers don’t add because they’re focused on their bottom line rather than innovation.

offgamers card

Suggestions for Our Readers

You can get free PC games that you can play every day of the week and never run out. But it’s really hard to find games that you do enjoy playing and will continue playing. I know from my own experience that random games sometimes are the best games I’ve ever played.

If you’re looking for games to play or trying to buy new games, we recommend that you check out other gaming cards that are available.

We have compiled a list of two different gaming card articles that will allow you to find the:

Last minute gift cards are always a great gift to buy because you’ll be able to enjoy extra savings from online retailers.


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