Which cryptocurrency is the right one for you?

Which cryptocurrency is the right one for you?

Before you say anything – yes, cryptocurrencies are not “one size fits all”. That’s why we can’t advise you which cryptocurrency to invest in since investing involves not only your money but also some time to investigate whether cryptocurrency would be a good investment for you. In this post, we’ll show you how to do your own crypto research and how to browse through the material more effectively. We hope that this will make your exploration go smoothly.

Assuming you already know a little bit about crypto and have taken a quick glance at the market, you most likely already have a few cryptos in mind that you’d want to invest in. First and foremost, if your selections are smaller, lesser-known altcoins, you must analyse where you learned about them, what you heard about them, and if the information is genuine. Once you’ve established that these crypto projects are legitimate, you may undertake one of three sorts of analyses:

  • Technical analysis – This one is undoubtedly already familiar to you; it entails analyzing previous price indications and generating projections based on historical trends. If you need assistance with this, our Discord server has a #technical-analysis channel where anybody may share their expertise or seek advice on their technical analysis.
  • Sentiment analysis – This sort of study is examining available to the public content and data regarding a certain cryptocurrency given by other sources and determining if the majority of them are negative or positive, basically evaluating the coin’s overall public’s opinion. Articles, online forums, reviews, and, once again, platforms like Discord can be used for this. Be aware, however, that these perspectives may be biased or affected in other ways, and hence are not totally neutral.
  • Fundamental analysis – this is the analysis of the crypto project from the very beginning to present, including its core ideas, values and philosophy.

None of these analyses are “better” or “worse” than the others; they all have upsides and downsides, which is why it is always advisable to investigate all of them. People’s interest is what makes crypto projects profitable, thus you should always

consider whether the coin is going to achieve massive popularity in the near future. Keep in mind that any flaw could be an essential predictor of a cryptocurrency’s future performance, so make sure you’re not disregarding the flaws – in fact, you should be seeking them. If it’s nearly hard to make the coin look bad based on the flaws you discover, it’s worth your consideration.

Now that you understand what we are looking for while researching coins, we can move on to the next step. To begin, you might examine the asset’s economics (also known as “tokenomics”). Is more being made or are quantities being destroyed over time? Will new coins ever cease to be mined? Then you may look at how this cryptocurrency was initially made available to the public.

Another element to consider is who is behind the cryptocurrency – who are the developers and stakeholders? What is their history and experience? You must decide if you trust and support these folks based on your investigation. You’re unlikely to recognise all of the developers’ names, which is fine; you can also find out if any popular personalities you respect endorse this cryptocurrency. It’s not enough to know that Jason Derulo favors Solana (though that could be a clue), you need also inquire about this individual’s experience with cryptocurrency, the reasoning for this stance, and whether or not this person is a reputable source of information.

The purpose for the creation of the crypto is also crucial – does it answer any legitimate issue, or was it made “simply ’cause”? Not only that, but does it genuinely provide a solution to the problem? This also relates to the coin’s potential and capabilities, because every project has limitations. A modest crypto project that simply targets a specific need on the Ethereum blockchain may be successful, but it will almost certainly not be able to overcome Bitcoin.

Finally, you may be wondering where all of this information may be found. The whitepaper of the cryptocurrency you’re interested in is an excellent place to start. Then there’s their official website, social media, and partners. Because this information is plainly not objective, you should go on to crypto news portals, YouTube channels, or other crypto-related media. Simply utilize Google for this and keep an

eye out for stories that may be sponsored or biased in some other way. Last but not least, asking other crypto users for their comments is a terrific method to gain additional insight from a relatable perspective. Social media, Reddit, and Discord are all excellent options.




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