Why You Should Choose Spotify Premium

Spotify Premium is a digital music service that allows users to access millions of songs without the bother of advertisements. Spotify Premium is giving an offer to their subscribers where you can get 2 months of Premium for RM 15.90/month with mobile and subscribers can cancel the plan anytime if they wish to.


With Spotify Premium, you can now enjoy the exclusive benefits👇🏻

  1. Now, Spotify Premium allows its subscribers to download the music and listen anywhere to
  2. By subscribing Spotify Premium, subscribers can enjoy nonstop music without advertisement.
  3. You can also play any of your favorite songs on the devices even your phone.
  4. Subscribers also can skip their songs by clicking the “next” buttons unlimitedly.



Spotify also releases value package for their student subscribers where they can get 2 months of Premium for RM 8.50 with mobile. By subscribing the Premium, students can enjoy the benefits that are similar to Spotify’s Premium package but at a lower price.




However, the offer is available only to students at an accredited higher education institution. Offer not available to users who already tried Premium. Spotify Student Discount Offer Terms and Conditions apply.



Spotify Premium 6 Months Prepaid Voucher (MY)

Spotify Premium 3 Months Prepaid Voucher (MY)

Spotify Premium 1 Month Prepaid Voucher (MY)









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