One of the most popular video game WildStar is a multiplayer science fiction online role-playing game. It is developed by Carbine Studio and Published by NCSOFT on August 17, 2011. The game takes place on the mystery planet of Nexus. On the year of 2014, June 3 the game went live. The game has two methods of playing following the primary purchase. The first one is one can subscribe the game on monthly basis in which the player will get 30 days of time.

The second one is purchasing an in-game item in which the player will get 30 days of playtime plus some one can sell it to other players for in-game currency.
There is a lot of alien adventurer’s game in the market but WildStar has made a rising battle in winning market. It is an action packed battle system which will leave your knuckles white and sweat will bead from your forehead while playing the game. The whole game has been strengthened with the strategic and exciting combat features.

Game Description

At the beginning of the game you will get two sides from which you have to choose one. One side is the Exile which is an adorable group of traitors who has been expelled from their homes and the other is Dominion or the evil side who have expelled the traitors from their home. They are challenging each other for the control of Nexus, which is an unfortunately-named planet which contains a huge number of valuable and ancient secrets.

But the main attraction of the game is not setting in the planet but the combat by which you will be able to predict the attacks of the enemies and heals of the allies which will give the player an enrapturing experience. By the means of walking or dashing a player can move their enemies. By moving their character, a good player can optimize every attack of an enemy and hit a number of enemies at one go.

The combat feels very alive whether you are fighting with a huge group of enemies or fighting in overgrown space termites or with robots which are six times bigger than your size. Among all the MMORPG game, you will find WildStar as a most satisfying game so far.

The game has used a bright visual cartoony artistic to support the light-hearted tone and shows an impressive illustrate distance which will make you feel the massive scale of Nexus’s zones. But as the game is totally science fiction or fantasy, you will not find any visual as original or inspiring. It is quite more like the other cartoon MMORPG as you have seen before in many video games.

But you will definitely enjoy discovering the accommodations of each faction’s on the planet. All the digs have uses a lovely visual storytelling. The evil’s or Dominions towns are looking like red as blood and gothic, and the digs are patrolled by bulky mechanics. On the other hand the Exile digs are heroic blue and they are wonderfully weathered.

There are many rewarding systems are present in the game. One of the most rewarding system of the game is the path system which looks like an alternative leveling curve. There are four paths from which the player can choose from – Soldier, Scientist, Explorer, and Settler. Each path has their individual form of progression. The Settlers construct bonus-granting stations which can be used by everyone. The work of the explorer is to find ways to hard-to-reach landmarks and so on.

The second important moment of the game which has been rewarded is the housing system. At level 15, the players gain access to their instanced housing and they can spend hours in the house and during that time the player can place different decorative items and functional things around the house. In this phase, you can also customize the sky and lighting as you wish. It’s a phase where player can use their creativity.


The amazing parts which you will find in playing WildStar are the nice artwork it has made for the whole of the game. It has explored an amazing world and the techniques of the game is completely a combat based, along with its gaming strategy, aims and timings.

There is a choice which the players can choose to play as a hybrid or a supporter. The variety of path system has made the game even more interesting, where players are given the choice to choose their own path as they desire. The death situation of the game is better and traveling around the fantasy world will make you eager to explore more due to its random events that occur in every corner of the map.

All the movements and jumping style in the game is loved by many and the combat feature is definitely to look forward to. The story of the game is real fun to play.


There are some wrong points about the game which you may find are the repetitive animations in many classes. Gamers like variations, but the game has used the same animation style in many classes of the game. The game is only about the combat experience and nothing else.

If there is something more different that we couldn’t relate to World of Warcraft,  than this could be the next blockbuster MMO. There is nothing inspirational in the game. So if you are playing the game purely for fun and just wanted to try something new, then this game is perfect.


With simultaneous strategy and action packed combat, WildStar can be interesting and at the same time addictive experience for the video game lovers. But the boring point about the game is that there is no more substance to supplement the action. In the modern era of foundation and mechanics of MMORPG, this game is just child’s play.

Because of the combat feature shines so brightly, the other part of the game looks under compensated and dull. With all the available features in the game, you can definitely say that WildStar is a loud, raucous and bright game that will provide you an experience of deep and open gaming that will certainly return to the extent that you would care to put effort into it.



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