World of Tanks (SEA): 122 TM and AMX 13 57 on Sale!


World of Tanks (SEA): 122 TM and AMX 13 57 on Sale!

122 TM and AMX 13 57 tank is now on sale with up to 30%!

Available from Oct 11 – Oct 18, 2022.

122 TM

The VIII 122 TM has a hull that’s built for durability. This bull can deal high-speed, penetrating damage at 400 HP per shell. While you’re on a hill, make use of its 8 degrees of gun depression to aim at weakspots. Its good gun handling and gun depression makes it ideal when fighting other hull-down vehicles.

AMX 13 57

The VII AMX 13 57 is an eight-round autoloader capable of dealing 720 HP of damage while its good gun handling and accuracy provide plenty of potential. With a 61 km/h top speed and good camouflage values, keeping track of this speed demon can be a real challenge!

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