World of Tanks (SEA): Backup is On the Way Sale!


World of Tanks (SEA): Backup is On the Way Sale!

A fine selection of vehicles are now on sale at the Premium Shop at a discount. Support your allies with these vehicles!

ASTRON Rex 105 mm

A medium tank with a 5-shell autoloader that makes it a lethal hunter. A single magazine can deal a devastating 1,600 HP in 20 seconds. And its gun depression gives it an advantage in irregular terrain. Use this vehicle’s 52 km/h top speed and 60 deg/s traverse speed to flank and overcome opponents.

Loza’s M4-A2 Sherman

A piece of history in World of Tanks that is both mobile and fast-firing. This vehicle also has excellent gun depression for hull-down strategies and shooting in uneven terrain.

IS-2 shielded

Has mesh screens over its turret and hull that provide some protection against HEAT and HE shells, while the armor’s angles are decent. The gun offers 1,902 DPM, 390 HP of alpha damage, and decent penetration. This vehicle performs best in mid to close-range fights!

The sale will be available from Nov 15 – Nov 22, 2022
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