World of Tanks (SEA): Double Trouble Sale!

World of Tanks (SEA): Double Trouble Sale!

Check the Premium Shop for the VIII WZ-111, a Chinese Brawler that can deal 1,872 DPM. And the VI Sherman VC Firefly, a British Sherman with a rich history and a 17-pounder anti-tank gun on sale right now!

The VIII WZ-111 is a Chinese heavy tank that is a great all-rounder in terms of damage, armor, and speed. It’s got a solid 1,872 DPM and 390 (AP)/390 (HEAT)/530 (HE) HP of alpha damage to put up a fight, a thick frontal armor for deflecting enemy fire, and a 50 km/h top speed to rush into action or flee from trouble when necessary. This vehicle also enjoys preferential matchmaking, so you won’t be encountering Tier X fights!

Sherman VC Firefly
The VI Sherman VC Firefly is based on the classic American Sherman but has a British 17-pounder anti-tank gun that fires 13 rounds per minute for 2,000 DPM. In history, a WWII gunner, Joe Ekins, used this vehicle to destroy a three-tank Tiger platoon at 700 m with five shots. The game version of this vehicle features a decent 40 km/h top speed and good accuracy that makes it ideal for sniper roles.

The sale will be available from Nov 6 – Nov 13, 2022
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