World of Warplanes (SEA): November Deal

World of Warplanes (SEA): November Deal

The November Deal is here! Seize this chance to get three guaranteed prizes from each crate: days of Premium Account, Premium aircraft, gold, experimental equipment, and much more!

The deal include special bundles packed with experienced pilots, Premium aircraft, gold, and Supply Crates.

Bundle list:

  • Pilot School—U.S.S.R.
  • Parade of Veterans
  • Gold and Curtiss XF15C
  • Rare Bird
  • Crucial Supplies
  • 10 Hawk Supply Crates
  • 25 Hawk Supply Crates
  • 100 Hawk Supply Crates
  • Small Steel Bundle
  • Medium Steel Bundle
  • Large Steel Bundle
  • Giant Steel Bundle
  • Steel Hawk
  • Flying in Style


Bundle available from Nov 1 – Dec 1, 2022.
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World of Warplanes Event Page


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