World of Warships: Super Hard Operation with Halloween rewards


Halloween is coming! You’ll be able to participate in Halloween events, test new German battleships, try Asymmetric Battles, and a lot more.

The following new features await you in Update 0.10.9:

  • Early Access to the new branch of German battleships.
  • Operations Sunray in the Darkness and Saving Transylvania make a comeback, and a new temporary type of battle called “Twilight Hunt” has been added.
  • Rental submarines in Random Battles.
  • Two new Brawl seasons.



Update 0.10.9 brings Early Access to a new branch of German battleships.

Features of the Branch

  • While they don’t have so many main battery guns, and those guns have a rather short range for this ship type, these battleships come out on top against their peers when it comes to accuracy. The shots you do fire will fly true and hit hard.
  • Long-range torpedoes on Tier VII ships and higher.
  • Numerous accurate secondary battery guns.
  • Low detectability.
  • A variant of the Hydroacoustic Search consumable that’s similar to the type that German cruisers are equipped with.
  • The Fast Damage Control Team consumable.


The Hamburg Port has been updated to celebrate the arrival of the German battleships in Early Access.



A new temporary event called “Personal Challenges” will be available to you for the entire duration of Update 0.10.9. The goal of the event is to earn as much Base XP as possible while demonstrating your skills in battle playing ships of different types and nations.

The rules are similar to Naval Battles: a personal table of records will become available to you. This table displays all the available ship types and nations. After fulfilling one of the mission’s requirements, you can move on to the next part of the table, which will offer a more difficult mission.



In the dark night that bridges October 31 and November 1, hordes of dismal evil creatures squeeze out of their shelters and creep all around the earth, set on conquering new lands!

Operations Saving Transylvania and Sunray in the Darkness
We invite you to take part in Operations from previous years—save Transylvania and defend the waters of the Silver Spear Archipelago from invasion by the Forces of Darkness!

Both Operations can be completed while Update 0.10.9 is live. A Super Hard difficulty level is available in addition to the Normal and Hard difficulty levels.

The first completion of a Super Hard Operation with 3 Stars or more will bring you Jack-o’-Lantern Premium containers that have specific chances of dropping one of the permanent Halloween camouflages from previous years, as well as other rewards. These can include expendable camos, Doubloons, and Free XP. There is also the possibility that Halloween permanent camouflages might drop.


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