CS:GO Uncovering The Truth

Cold area CSGO
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Finnish newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat, has taken a unique and innovative approach to spread awareness and provide uncensored news about the ongoing war in Ukraine. In a world where press freedom is often threatened, Helsingin Sanomat’s move to create a map in the popular online game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is a breath of fresh air.

The newspaper’s map, de_vonya, which translates to “war” in Russian, is available to download in CS:GO. This game is incredibly popular in Russia, and the map provides a unique opportunity for players to access up-to-date and accurate news about the conflict. The map also contains a secret room that houses a newspaper with images and reports collected by the newspaper’s reporters.

New CSGO map
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This initiative is significant because the Russian government has a history of censoring information about the war in Ukraine, making it difficult for its citizens to access accurate news. As a result, many people are left in the dark about the true nature of the conflict. This is where Helsingin Sanomat’s innovative approach comes in. By creating a map in a popular video game, the newspaper is providing a platform for Russian gamers to access independent information about the war in Ukraine.

Helsingin Sanomat
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According to the editor-in-chief of Helsingin Sanomat, Antero Mukka, “The gaming world and gamers themselves are still left unchecked.” The secret room in the game is designed to force Russian gamers to confront the reality of what is happening in Ukraine. This initiative is a powerful reminder that video games can be more than just entertainment; they can also be used to educate and inform.

Fortnite now becomes part of the Olympics?!

Fortnite Olympic
Photo Credits: Olympics

Fortnite, the popular video game that has dominated the gaming world for years, has finally made its way into the Olympics! However, it’s not quite what fans of the game were expecting.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) had been hesitant to embrace e-sports as a legitimate Olympic event for years, but they finally relented when they announced the Olympic Esports Series in March. The Series features nine virtual sports, including Just Dance for e-dance sports and Gran Turismo for racing. However, the latest addition to the series, on May 5th, was a surprise: Fortnite was selected to be part of a 10th discipline: Sport Shooting.

Fortnite Olympic 2
Source: Esports Illustrated

But before you get excited about the prospect of a Fortnite Battle Royale event at the Olympics, hold on. The competition will only use a small element of the game, specifically designed to mimic a sport shooting event. Competitors will be competing to see who can shoot the most targets in the quickest time on a specially-designed island within Fortnite.

But that’s not all. The Olympic Esports Series has a few other surprises up its sleeve. In addition to Fortnite, the series will feature other virtual sports such as archery, represented by the smartphone game Tic Tac Bow, and tennis, represented by the game Tennis: Clash.

Olympic Virtual Series
Photo Credits: The Olympic Virtual Series

The Olympic Esports Series is currently running qualifiers, which will end on May 15th, and the finals will take place in-person in Singapore from June 23rd to 25th. While this year’s Olympic Esports Series may not be what fans of Fortnite had hoped for, it’s exciting to see e-sports being recognized as a legitimate Olympic event. Who knows what the future may hold for e-sports at the Olympics? Maybe one day, we’ll see a full-fledged Fortnite competition or even an e-sports-only Olympics. Only time will tell.

Valorant Challenger’s funniest disqualification

Honkai Star Rail
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E-sports have been gaining a lot of attention in recent years, with huge tournaments and leagues being held all around the world. While these events can be intense and highly competitive, there are also plenty of moments that are just downright funny and relatable.

VALORANT Challengers
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Take for example, a recent match in the Valorant Challengers League Taiwan/Hong Kong, where one player’s distraction led to their team’s disqualification. During a crucial match, a player from Ghost CommandoS (GCS) was caught playing Honkai Star Rail on his mobile phone, leading to the team’s forfeit.

While some may blame the player for his lack of commitment and discipline, others have criticized the team for not providing a conducive environment for their players. However, there’s more to this story than meets the eye.

As it turns out, the tournament’s client had to be updated before the match, which took up some time and left the players confused. In the midst of this confusion, one of the players from GCS decided to whip out his phone and play Star Rail, only to become so immersed in the game that his team was forced to forfeit.

This moment may be humorous, but it’s also relatable for anyone who’s ever gotten caught up in a distraction when they should have been focusing on something else. It’s a reminder that even in the world of e-sports, where the stakes can be incredibly high, we’re all human and prone to mistakes.

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