WTFast Lunar New Year Golden Chances Lucky Draw

Below is the lucky winners list, congratulations!

Customer ID Name
504452 Apple
3473893 大表
578787 matt
3157359 Yusha
3068971 Jackie
3739502 k.chen
3316402 Mihirai
439970 Mansoor
3162927 Nam
3754450 paul

WTFast CNY Golden Chances Lucky Draw Is Here!

WTFast – Make Your Gaming Faster

Experience Online Gaming Without Lag​ – Over 1,000 games supported.​

Save yourself from lost packets, high ping times, and unpredictable performance.

W​in a WTFast 6 Months Advance Time Code for this CNY:

​Purchase ​any WTFast Advance Time Code within ​2 Feb 2018 (00​:​01 GMT+8) ​and​ 2 Mar 2018 (2​3:59 GMT+8)​ and stand a chance to w​in a WTFast 6 Months Advance Time Code!

What’s more? Get WTFast Advance Time Code with a DISCOUNTED PRICE now, check it out!


Note: Promotion is open to all Customers who purchase any WTFast Advance Time Code in OffGamers Webstore.


2nd Golden Chance:

Customers who bought WTFast and check out using PayPal, will stand another golden chance to win an Ang Pow worth of USD 88 (OGC).


OffGamers wish all our customers a Happy New Year!


For more information, please visit:
WTFast Official Site.

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