WWE 2K22 Has MGK As A Playable Character!

WWE 2K22 at OffGamers

As the roster for the upcoming WWE 2K22 continues to be revealed, we’re excited to see the first non-wrestling celebrity to join the game – Machine Gun Kelly, the Executive Soundtrack Producer himself! 

Similar to how Ronnie 2K was added to NBA 2K22, it looks like a lot of the executives working on the project want more than to just be a part of the game, they want to be in it as well. This also opens up the roster to more potential celebrities to make an appearance as playable characters.


MGK’s Debut

MGK will be making his debut in WWE 2K22’s DLC, and he’ll be a playable character in the game. This means that you get to go head to head with other wrestlers whilst getting hyped to the soundtrack that the man himself has already provided. Pretty cool if you ask me.

He won’t be available at the launch of the game, but later on when the DLC is released. This news was released through a video of him and the Undertaker showcasing samples of the soundtrack and discussing some songs. We have yet to see what his character will look like, and we hope it would showcase his own pink-punk style.


WWE 2K22 Release

The game will be released on March 11th 2022, and there’s currently a substantially long list of playable characters released. Some of these include Randy Savage, Rey Mysterio, AJ Styles, Nikki Bella, The Rock, Akira Tozawa and more. We’re excited to see these familiar places and finally be able to play them soon enough!


WWE 2K22 Soundtrack List

We did mention that MGK is the Executive Soundtrack producer of the game, right? Well, if you’re wondering what the soundtrack consists of, here’s the list:

  • concert for aliens: Machine Gun Kelly
  • body bag: Machine Gun Kelly ft YUNGBLUD & Bert McCracken
  • Protect Ya Neck: Wu Tang Clan
  • Iron Fist: Motorhead
  • Say Cheese (Live NXT version): Poppy
  • Typhoons: Royal Blood
  • Happy Song: Bring Me The Horizon
  • Heartless: The Weeknd
  • I Don’t Wanna Be Blind: Turnstile
  • The Final Episode (Let’s Change The Channel): Asking Alexandria
  • Hollywood Sucks: KennyHoopla


As you can see he included some of his songs and a great curation of bangers that definitely suits the atmosphere of WWE 2K22. We can’t wait to finally experience this one for ourselves! And if you’re as excited as we are, you might want to ready your Xbox Live Gift Cards right now!