Xbox console exclusive: The Gunk, announced release date on December 16

Thunderful’s new title, The Gunk has finally gotten a release date and it will be coming to Xbox and PC on December 16. The game has also gotten it’s first gameplay trailer during the gamescom 2021. As their first 3D project and they are using the extra dimension to make it more cinematic and even immersive experience than before.

The Gunk

The Gunk is a thrid-person story-driven sci-fi exploration game that really focuses on character development. Players will play as one of the exploration duo, Rani as they travel the world and discover new things.

The Gunk

The world is set on an alien world with different biomes like a rocky canyon region, a dense jungle, deep subterranean caves. But the world is covered with dark goo that’s destroying the environment. Rani is equipped with a power glove where she names it Pumpkins. With it, she can cleans up the environment and recover it’s flourishing ecosystem.

The Gunk

The Gunk is able to run a stable 30fps on Xbox One and a smooth 60fps up to 4k resolution when being played on box Series X|S or a high-end PC.




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