Xbox Game Pass Core vs Xbox Live Gold: What You Need to Know

Xbox Game Pass Core vs Xbox Live Gold: What You Need to Know

Xbox Game Pass Core vs Xbox Live Gold: What You Need to Know

Are you an avid gamer in the Xbox community? If so, you might have come across the recent buzz about Xbox Game Pass Core. Microsoft has been making waves with their latest subscription offering, leaving many gamers wondering how it stacks up against the traditional Xbox Live Gold. In this blog, we’ll delve into the details of what Xbox Game Pass Core is all about, compare it with Xbox Live Gold, and explore whether upgrading to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is the ultimate choice.

Introducing Xbox Game Pass Core

Xbox Game Pass Core is a new subscription service that brings a fresh take on gaming experiences. Designed to cater to a wide range of gamers, it offers a library of over 25 games that you can access with your subscription. Think of it as an ever-expanding collection of titles that you can enjoy as long as your membership is active. This exciting lineup includes fan favorites like “Among Us,” “Gears 5,” “Doom Eternal,” and “The Elder Scrolls Online.”

Xbox Live Gold: The Changing Landscape

If you’re an Xbox Live Gold member, you’re probably accustomed to the monthly Games with Gold offerings – two free games to enjoy every month. However, with the introduction of Xbox Game Pass Core, the traditional Games with Gold feature is coming to an end on September 1st. Instead, Core subscribers get access to a robust library of games that they can dive into whenever they please. The library will be updated periodically, ensuring fresh content for gamers.

The Ultimate Dilemma: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate vs. Xbox Game Pass Core

With the similarities between XGP Core and XGP Ultimate, you might be pondering whether to make the leap to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Since XGP Core doesn’t give out free games to keep monthly, it now seems more like a simple version of The Ultimate subscription. 

As of now, the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription costs $16.99 per month, while the Xbox Game Pass Core subscription comes in at $9.99 per month. With Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you not only get access to the extensive game library and online console multiplayer available in Xbox Game Pass Core, but you also enjoy a range of extra features including first hand on new released games, Xbox Cloud Gaming, free access to EA Play, free perks and many more.

Which is Better for You?

The decision between Xbox Game Pass Core and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate revolves around your gaming preferences. If you only want a game library that constantly updates with different game titles, Xbox Game Pass Core is a strong contender. However, if you desire a comprehensive gaming experience that combines new games access and the potential to play across devices, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate stands out.

The Ultimate Gaming Solution

Given the range of benefits, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate offers an all-inclusive gaming package that extends well beyond the features of Xbox Game Pass Core. While both subscriptions provide access to an array of games and online multiplayer capabilities, Ultimate goes the extra mile by providing a comprehensive gaming solution that caters to the preferences of a wider range of gamers. Whether you’re exploring new titles or revisiting old favorites, the choice is clear: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is your gateway to a richer and more immersive gaming world.

In the end, whether you choose Xbox Game Pass Core or make the leap to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, the world of Xbox gaming is evolving to cater to your preferences. With diverse options to suit different playing styles, Microsoft is ensuring that every gamer finds their perfect match. So, what’s your gaming adventure going to look like? The choice is yours! Get your subscription now with the links below!

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