Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Revealed By CEO Lei Jun

The Mi Band 2 by Xiaomi might be close to an announcement as Xiaomi’s CEO Lei Jun posted a picture of him wearing the device on his social media account.

In the picture, it shows the Mi Band 2 sporting a physical button along with an LCD display.

Mi Band 2

With the current Mi Band Pulse able to count steps, track sleep, and monitor heartbeat, it’s likely that the Mi Band 2 will be packing the same technology plus a display on the wearable device.

Based on the picture as well, it looks like the Mi Band 2 will sport a rubber band, similar to previous iterations, though it is unconfirmed whether the bands are swappable.

Mi Band 2 Teaser

One of the big reasons for the Mi Band’s success is due to its competitive pricing. At $15, the Mi Band is one of the cheapest wearable device/fitness bands around and if they manage to keep the price low for the Mi Band 2, Xiaomi will have another hit device on their hands.

As of now, no official announcement has been made for the Mi Band 2.

Source: MyDrivers