Xiaomi Might Be Releasing A New 6.4-inch Phone Called Xiaomi Max

After their big unveil of the Mi 5 at MWC 2016, Xiaomi has been enjoying quite the success with their new flagship phone. However, according to GizmoChina, they might not rest on their laurels anytime soon as rumors of a new phone by the China company is set to hit the market this year.

The rumored smartphone could possibly be called the Xiaomi Max after a poll conducted by the company asking users to name their next smartphone, which drew 116,294 votes.

While there are no official details on the phone, GizmoChina managed to pick up pictures that could be the Xiaomi Max. The pictures (which you can see below) shows a huge body frame that could support a 6.4-inch display, fitting for the name Xiaomi Max.

Xiaomi Max

Xiaomi Max 2

Other possible details regarding the Xiaomi Max is that it will be powered by a Snapdragon 820 and comes with a fingerprint sensor. The rumor suggests that Xiaomi intends to announce the Xiaomi Max in May this year yet at this moment, no official announcement has come from the company itself.

If it is true, then the Xiaomi Max could be a contender in the phablet market as Xiaomi is known for making premium phones at affordable prices.

Source: GizmoChina