Yokai Will Take Over Tokyo This Halloween

Face the unknown and uncover the truth behind Tokyo’s population vanishing.

A mysterious fog has covered up Tokyo and anyone who gets in touch with it will be turned into spirits. Except for Akito who has not been fully taken over due to an incident before the fog occurs.

Akito is now the only living human in Tokyo with a possessed right hand. What’s worse is that a Hannya masked man appeared with a spell, summoning evil spirits into the world while sealing away the rest all around Shibuya.

Someone has to stop the Hannya. A spirit named KK approaches Akito and asks for his help in taking down Hannya. In return, KK is convinced by Akito to take him to the hospital and visit her sister, Mari, who is in a coma. Surprisingly, they found the Hannya man in the room too who seems to want Mari as a sacrifice for a certain ritual.

To save his family, Akito has to fight by using various psychic and paranormal abilities acquired from his possessed hand. Utilize elemental powers and ghost-hunting skills to combat evil spirits, or finish missions around the city from other spirits and ally with powerful spectral entities.


Yokai Foes

Endless Overworking Rain Walkers

GWT Rain Walker in-body
Source: Bethesda

One of the most common Visitors in Tokyo, faceless salaryman in a formal attire with an umbrella on hand. Manifesting the negative emotion of overwork, The exhaustion and lifeless day, adding on the helplessness during a rainy day. The annoyed Rain Walker comes in a few varieties and brings huge trouble when encountered in large numbers.


Most Beautiful Slit-mouthed Woman

GWT Kuchisake Water in-body
Source: Bethesda

Have you ever heard about the story where a beautiful woman is always walking around with a scissor in her hand? Her shape is incredibly beautiful but none has seen her face as she always wears a mask. Never approach her or look into her face as those who did have lost their souls. If your soul is not taken, you must’ve been the next slit-mouthed woman. Beware of a sub-variant of the Kuchisake, the “Crimson Kuchisake” as they are far more dangerous than the white one.


Look Up for the Errant Shine Dancer

GWT Shine Dancer in-body
Source: Bethesda

They say if you wish for a sunny day, hang a round-headed paper doll on your window, as the adorable charms will bring you good weather. But things never work as expected. The teru teru bōzu will disguise as fabric and strike you suddenly from high and above.


Yokai Ally

Tengu Helps You Reach the Sky

GWT Tengu in-body
Source: Bethesda

Running around the big city of Tokyo won’t be easy. Luckily, the local Tengu are lending you their wings. Locate them on tall buildings and use your Grapple ability to reach the same height as them. Always remember to look up as many missions and collectibles are up for grabs too.


Guide the Raccoon Dog Back Home

GWT Tanuki in-body
Source: Bethesda

Tanuki, adorable, if not mischievous. These little furballs are expert in shapeshifting, mainly to prank you, but there are also times where they are lost. Discover them around the streets of Tokyo and bring them home to gain rewards. Do remember, they are shapeshifters, so you won’t be finding them so easily.


Always Bring Cucumbers for Kappa

GWT Lanterns in-body
Source: Bethesda

The river-dweller that loves cucumber the most, Kappa. You would never encounter one in your whole life. Unless, you bring a cucumber with you. If you are lucky enough to find one, you might get your hands on a traditional Japanese ornament, the Magatama.


Nekomata Has Everything You Need

GWT Nekomata in-body
Source: Bethesda

So everyone has turned into spirits, where will you stock up now? Oh look, a two-tailed cat wearing a kimono passed by, and it seems to have some wares that you need. What a coincidence. Now you know where to buy, but they don’t accept Japanese Yen. They only want rare relics…


Ghostwire Tokyo is an action-adventure game developed by Tango Gameworks and published by Bethesda Softworks. It was released earlier this year and available on PlayStation 5 and Steam.

Get yours now and celebrate Halloween in the world of Ghostwire Tokyo.




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