You can now Belly Rub Foxes in Ghost of Tsushima

A new Ghost of Tsushima update has made the already-adorable foxes in the game even cuter.

Throughout Ghost of Tsushima’s map, there are fox dens to find. Upon completing a given fox den, Jin Sakai pets his new furry buddy goodbye (ok, you don’t have to pet the fox but come on — who’s not going to pet them?). The foxes love it, of course, but a new update makes them even more excited for incoming pets.

Famed Twitter account, CanYouPetTheDog, which tracks whether or not you can pet dogs and other animals in games, tweeted about this new update and the new animations foxes in Ghost of Tsushima have, as reported by GameSpot. Sucker Punch Productions’ communications person, Andrew Goldfarb, confirmed the new fox-related features on Twitter as well.

As you can see in the video above, foxes will now yap in excitement for the pets they’re hoping Jin will give them. They’ll also tap on the ground excitedly before rolling over onto their backs to prepare for some belly rubs.

Foxes are just one of the types of animals in Ghost of Tsushima that Jin can pet — the 1.1 update released last October allowed players to befriend and pet dogs. It is no wonder why players absolutely love this game. Come pet foxes in Ghost of Tsushima, get yours now with OffGamers!



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