Zenbo Is Asus’ Budget-Friendly Home Robot

During the Computex technology conference in Taipei, Asus revealed a slew of products that the Taiwan technology firm will be releasing in the future.

One piece of technology that stood out is the Zenbo, a smart home device that looks like a cross between BB-8 and Wall-E.


The Zenbo was created with accessibility in mind (especially for older folks) and share similarities with Amazon’s Echo device in that it is capable of controlling parts of the house and provide interaction via open commands.

It’s also capable of monitoring your home for emergencies (i.e. a fall, or debilitating injury) and can immediately contact family members on their smartphones.

Zenbo Robot

Zenbo differs from Amazon’s Echo in that the device is capable of mobility and has a touchpad interface as a face. The face can also serve as a monitor to allow for video calls, online shopping, and even stream video content.

Asus priced the Zenbo at $599 which is relatively cheap for a smart home device/robot. No word yet on when the release date will be.

Source: Asus