Zero Latency Joins With Sega To Bring A Warehouse-Sized VR Attraction

All of the virtual reality experiences that we are getting so far are limited to a room (with the HTC Vive), or in a stationary position (with Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR).

VR company Zero Latency looks to bring more mobility to virtual reality by creating a warehouse-sized virtual reality space in collaboration with Sega.

Sega and Zero Latency announced the collaboration where they will have “Sega Live Creation opening a permanent warehouse-sized virtual reality centre in Tokyo, where customers will be able to don VR headsets powered by Zero Latency’s technology and run around shooting zombies.”

Based on the video that Zero Latency posted, users will be able to move around in an open space wearing specialized headset and gear that allows for VR interaction. Despite collaborating with Sega, it doesn’t seem that any of Sega’s hardware or games will be made into a VR experience.

Currently, there’s no word on when the project will be completed.

Source: Financial Review